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The 3 Core Capabilities of an Adaptive Enterprise  

Does your organization have what it takes to become an adaptive enterprise?

Read The 3 Core Capabilities of an Adaptive Enterprise, and find out how you can transform your organization into a business flexible enough to anticipate and navigate through constant change, ignite innovation, and drive the kind of results required to thrive in today’s fast-paced market by focusing on 3 core capabilities:

  • People – Involve everyone
  • Data – Focus on what matters
  • Context – Understanding the enterprise landscape

As organizations work to adapt to the demands of digital business, many look to their enterprise architecture teams to help them navigate the endless onslaught of change. And while there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to enabling an adaptive enterprise, if business aren’t carefully examining these areas, they may be sinking their own EA efforts.

The 3 Core Capabilities of an Adaptive Enterprise also covers:

  • People-driven architecture – how crowdsourcing information from across the company becomes the cornerstone of the adaptive enterprise
  • Data – how an iterative and ongoing approach to data to make better business decisions
  • Context – how contributions from people, technology, and applications add context that illuminates, clarifies, and cuts through the data clutter

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