Idea management

Collaborate and Adapt to Changing Needs

Product management and development teams seek to improve alignment between a company’s product innovation process and its business strategy. 

Prioritize innovation pipelines based on the criteria needed to evaluate success.  with a program-based approach to new product development utilizing pre-configured templates to manage scoping, business analysis, design and development, testing and validation, and product launch.

Develop the Right Products

Product Management and Development teams require leads to closely collaborate with multiple stakeholders while  juggling  budget, project details, and portfolio metrics to track progress and enable better business outcomes.

Product and Program Managers are choosing the most effective development methodologies and need ways to standardize reporting across these approaches.

Collaborating across stakeholders and efficient prioritization is critical in choosing the product ideas that best meet strategic market and revenue objectives. Clear visibility into the product roadmap will help keep teams moving on schedule.

There are always too many ideas and not enough resources. Prioritizing this mass of product ideas is critical to meet market and revenue objectives.

Once prioritized, products must be schedule around available resources to optimize results by matching the right projects to the right resources at the right time.

Product Engineers are most effective when managing project details in one location. With a single source of truth, they can collect metrics, analyze KPIs, track and monitor status, issues, risks, and time for more effective project execution.

Visibility across projects reduces conflict between teams and improves overall alignment. 

Product Developers are under pressure to deliver projects within tight timelines and budgets.

Collaboration with Program Management is critical to success by preparing product processes, following best practices, and making updates based on changing business demands. Embedded analytics gives executives insight into status while freeing developers to drive tasks forward. 

What Changepoint Delivers

Support Unique NPD Processes

Support Unique NPD Processes

Build and automate a process that fits your unique NPD workflows.

A Single Source of Truth

A Single Source of Truth

Avoid the confusion of data in multiple systems and connect all of your data into one single source of truth.

Maximize Revenue and Market Share

Maximize Revenue and Market Share

Organize product ideas by budget and strategy to construct a winning product portfolio.

Control Project Costs

Control Project Costs

Visualize financials to improve cost control and contribute more business value.

Optimized Resource Utilization

Optimize Resources

Reduce conflict and churn by optimizing resource utilization.

Consolidated Portfolio of All Product Launches

Consolidate Product Launch Portfolios

Consolidate data on program and product launches in one intuitive, powerful, adaptive solution.

Strategic Product Development

Everyone has product idea, so how do you choose which focus on?  Successful organizations balance portfolios with ideas based on research, data, and collaborative decision making.

Rapid Insights for Decision-Making

“Daptiv has brought visibility to what is going on across the organization, leading to process and data-driven decisions instead of emotional ones.”

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Ensure your products cross the finish line first.

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