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With multiple projects, programs, and portfolios, you need a way to strategically rank, prioritize, and resource these initiatives. Changepoint SPM offers multiple views so you can visualize both projects and your backlog, tie initiatives to strategy, identify resource constraints, and quickly adapt to change.



Portfolio Mgmt-1

Portfolio Workflow

Apply agile and lean thinking to strategic planning with transparent portfolio coordination. Visually map projects and activities by stage and track work through your process with an intuitive drag-and-drop virtual Kanban board.

  • Automated color coding visually ties activities to strategic goals
  • Clear, visual cues balance your workflow between backlogs and works in progress
  • Manage workflow and identify process bottlenecks for continuous improvement
  • Take your digital Kanban board with you so you can edit and share updates wherever you are
Prioritization Board-1

Portfolio Prioritization

Prioritize work across your entire portfolio with our clean, intuitive prioritization board. Add projects and activities and customize the algorithmic scoring method to raise the highest priority items to the top. The simple, intuitive interface helps stakeholders visualize and agree on project priorities.

  • Customizable scoring to match your strategic goals
  • Visualization drives faster stakeholder alignment
  • Easy-to-use interface makes scenario planning easy
Roadmap-Constraint Screen Shot

Portfolio Planning

Quickly view and adjust your roadmap in a single, dynamic view. Schedule start and stop dates, change project duration and order, all while viewing the potential impact on resource allocation. 

  • Drag and drop projects to the roadmap
  • Visualize alignment of initiatives to strategy
  • Easily adjust start and stop times based on priority and urgency
  • Test combinations of projects and initiatives to optimize throughput
  • Immediately see resource impacts/constraints based on roadmap changes

Changepoint EAM: Simple. Social. Smart.

Strategic Portfolio Management insights drive faster decision-making via comprehensive views into your portfolio, paired with the ability to quickly and easily test multiple work plans.

Kanban boards, priority boards, and adjustable roadmaps create a powerful view of your portfolio and how activities tie to strategy, while highlighting potential risks, roadblocks, and resource constraints. Together, they give you the data needed for fast, strategic, and informed decision-making and cross-functional alignment.

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