Addressing the Needs of Complex Services Organizations

Changepoint Services Automation is the only pure-play SA solution for global enterprise services organizations that have complex business needs. Why pure-play SA? Because our SA solution isn’t built on a CRM or ERP. Instead, we integrate with any CRM and ERP solution in the marketplace that streamlines the management of the entire quote-to-cash cycle, while increasing productivity and visibility—resulting in greater profitability.



CP-SA Opportunity Mgmt 2020 02 19

Opportunity Management

Utilize a structured process for analyzing, tracking, and forecasting customer opportunities, resource capacity requirements, and expectations to improve sales effectiveness.

CP-SA Contract Mgmt 2020 02-1

Contract Management

Define, automate, and monitor contract elements to better recognize and ensure delivery and operational success. Precisely manage multiple billing methods, including time and expense and fixed fee schedules, expenses, and billing across every engagement.

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Project Management

Provide greater efficiencies and more accurate project metrics across your services offerings through the customer’s entire engagement lifecycle, including integrated task management, tracking and control, and process workflows. Once an opportunity has been secured, engagement management facilitates rigor and standardization around an effective and profitable engagement lifecycle.

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Resource Management

Create a competitive advantage through increased visibility into all workstreams. Assign the right resources across engagements at the right time for more efficient project delivery—improving resource utilization and realization, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

CP-SA Time and Expense Mgmt 2020 02 19

Time and Expense Management

Provide anytime, anywhere access to time and expense tracking, via any device, with Changepoint SA and mobile application. Greater financial accuracy—enabled through real-time documentation, timely approvals, and invoicing—results in real-time revenue recognition.

CP PSA Rev Rec Compliance

Revenue Recognition

Understand the financial health of the business with real-time visibility into the engagement lifecycle. Impact the financial results before the close of cycle to grow top-line service revenues while maintaining bottom-line cost control and increasing profitability.

CP Financial

Financial Management

Keep your customer engagements thriving and improve cash flow at every step with real-time financial insight and transparency, designed to ensure your organization drives growth. Services organizations can manage their overall financial health with sophisticated budgeting and cost allocation capabilities, multi-currency support, and financial reporting.

CP-SA Demand Planning

Demand Planning

Complete visibility into all resource-based organizational demand and capacity, including all lifecycles planned thru project services execution to ensure integrity and accuracy for  financial,  timeline, and delivery. SA’s real-time visibility ensures resource delivery optimization to improve financial opportunity, resource deployment and customer satisfaction while helping customers reach their desired business outcomes.

Slalom Runs Its Business on Changepoint PSA

Slalom, a business technology and consulting firm headquartered in Seattle, Washington, uses Changepoint SA for billing, time tracking and approvals, and accounts receivable.

Changepoint’s ability to manage the entire lifecycle of an engagement is critical to us. Through the entire process of setting up the engagement, staffing, invoicing, and recognizing revenue, we needed a solution to manage it all. The extensive data we are able to extract from Changepoint into our reporting and BI tools allows us to analyze any engagement in detail.

MICHELE BLESER   |   Managing Director of Technology and Changepoint Technical Champion, Slalom

If you need better visibility into financials, resources, and engagements through integrations with your existing CRM and ERP systems, let’s talk.

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