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Whether your organization is implementing a structured approach to manage balanced portfolios, improving alignment between a company’s product innovation process, prioritization, and its business strategy, or providing visibility into the combined portfolio of waterfall, agile, and hybrid projects across different interests and stakeholders—with Changepoint PPM, you’re sure to connect strategy and execution.



Portfolio management

Portfolio Management

Plan and monitor your portfolios to ensure your investments align with business strategy. Get a high-level view of project score to optimize portfolio planning and ensure you’re doing the right projects. Respond to change and confirm project objectives and trajectory to align with the overarching business goals. Create different scenarios to see how investments impact your total budget. Create configurable dashboards to roll up data for an overview of portfolio health and see how initiatives are mapping to quarterly benefits.

Demand Mgmt

Demand Management

Manage your project pipeline. Gain a simple and sophisticated solution for managing intake and prioritization. Conduct top-down resource planning to match demand with supply. Determine when, and not just if, a project can start. See and manage all incoming project requests in one place. Create visual, relative comparisons with bubble charts for a multi-dimensional view that makes prioritizing projects and shaping your portfolio easier. Access real-time resource and role data to manage capacity more effectively.


Resource Management

Resource plan at the project and task levels. Resource managers can see resource availability—including non-project work—to select the right people for projects. Reporting functions enable your teams to manage utilization and forecast resource demand across teams, departments, and the enterprise. Project managers can easily schedule approved resources, and quickly detect and reconcile discrepancies between scheduled work hours and allocated hours.

Project management

Project Management

Easily manage the entire project lifecycle and multiple types of work. Project managers have a streamlined, visual project dashboard of important project KPIs, milestones, and overallocated resources. Track tasks, documents, calendars, discussions, and polls within the context of each project. Toggle the task list to easily see critical paths and identify what tasks are impacting delivery. Task boards allow teams to conduct daily stand-ups, discuss priorities, and update progress live from within the board.

Time cost tracking

TIme and Cost Tracking

Fine-tune your resource planning with simpler methods for tracking and submitting time. Understand how labor costs impact project financials. Track project work, non-project work, and time off. Workflow automation and approval routing makes it easier to view, edit, and approve timesheets. Enter time-tracking data and submit timesheets from any device. Get insights into planned, actual, and forecasted project costs and how they impact budgetary data and project financials. Time can be entered against projects, tasks, and even non-project work.

Business intelligence

Business Intelligence

Turn insights into action. Use real-time information to make better business decisions. Fully embedded business intelligence provides advanced reporting tools for enterprise-class data analysis and report building. Changepoint PPM supports four business intelligence use cases: dashboards, operational, ad hoc, and mobile. Use role-based dashboards to monitor key components across your product portfolio, including resource, budget, and program data. Choose from more than 75 out-of-the-box reports. 

Prioritization Board-1

Idea Management

Rationalize ideas into valuable product concepts. Foster and nurture a dynamic community that generates product ideas based on market needs. Push through the right ideas at the right time. Create portfolio maps, scoring models, and checklists to aid in the selection of NPD projects. Select the right products to develop, enhance, or sunset based on market opportunity analysis.

Program Mgmt

Program Management

Manage all of your product workstreams. Create project plans to develop, test, and launch a product. Assign resources to various tasks, create product status reports, and share project information through notifications. Ensure the key activities are created without gaps. Build in quality control and checks. Determine the critical path and focus attention and resources on the pivotal steps.

Capacity resource planning

Capacity and Resource Planning

360-degree resource management is a top-down, bottom-up, comprehensive resource and forecast at four levels. Conduct what-if analyses and reconcile distribution and allocation shortages across the portfolio. Ensure the right resources are working on the right projects at the right time. Reporting functions enable your teams to manage utilization and forecast resource demand across teams, departments, and the enterprise. Conduct scenario analysis to identify what resources are in highest demand and how projects and requests impact capacity.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

As demands on resources increase, project leaders need to be more efficient with resources and provide the tools to increase the probability of successful outcomes. Manage the full project lifestyle through an integrated approach that adapts to your methodologies and wraps ups that data for executive-level reporting.

[Changepoint Project Portfolio Management (Daptiv)] has an offering that is highly configurable and supports our execution methodology perfectly. [It] provides greater visibility into projects and next steps, making PMs more productive and executives better informed.

CURTIS WAMPLER   |   Program Manager, Fluor Corporation

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