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Portfolio Mgmt

Portfolio Management

Whether you’re managing a portfolio of projects, engagements, or applications, Changepoint helps you gain visibility, mitigate risk, and accelerate capacity and velocity in today’s changing business landscape. Adapt, modify, and evolve your portfolio with powerful capabilities that ensure your investments align with business strategy. From ideation and demand management, to project and resource management, time and cost tracking, and embedded analytics, you will have access to—and the ability to influence—portfolio health with Changepoint solutions.

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Contract Management

Define, automate, and monitor contract elements to better recognize and ensure delivery and operational success. Precisely manage multiple billing methods, including time and expense and fixed fee schedules, expenses, and billing across every engagement.

For Services Teams

Demand Mgmt

Demand Management

Gain a simple and sophisticated solution for managing intake and prioritization. Conduct top-down resource planning to match demand with supply. Determine when, and not just if, a project can start with a single view of all project requests. Score requested initiatives via standardized rules and formulas with customizable scoring and visualize the results to make shaping your portfolio more simple.

For Project Portfolio Managers


Enterprise Architecture Management

You don’t just need data—you need to do something with it. Ultimately, that’s what matters. Create order from technological chaos with a crowdsourced, multi-dimensional enterprise view. Identify, remediate, and minimize roadblocks and risks. Forecast changes and challenges. Explore application and resource utilization, rationalize portfolios, and test alignment. Changepoint Enterprise Architecture Management (barometerIT) enhances your ability to deliver on digital business strategies.

For Enterprise Architects


Enterprise Inventory Map

A visual, real-time map of your enterprise helps you refine your digital business platform by understanding impacts, dependencies, and the complexity of relationships across your business and IT environments. Create visibility into new opportunities for growth and streamline the innovation process with actionable data from Changepoint EAM.

For Enterprise Architects

CP PSA Rev Rec Compliance

Financial Management & Revenue Recognition

Keep your customer engagements thriving and improve cash flow at every step with real-time financial insight and transparency, designed to ensure your organization drives growth. Services organizations can manage their overall financial health with sophisticated budgeting and cost allocation capabilities, multi-currency support, and financial reporting. With built-in revenue recognition, impact the financial results before the close of the cycle to grow top-line service revenues while maintaining bottom-line cost control and profitability.

For Services Teams

SPM Prioritization

Idea Management

Foster and nurture a dynamic community that generates product ideas based on market needs. Push through the right ideas at the right time. Create portfolio maps, scoring models, and checklists to aid in the selection of NPD projects. Select the right products to develop, enhance, or sunset based on market opportunity analysis and resource allocation.

For Project and Product Managers

CP PSA Opp Mgmt

Opportunity Forecasting & Management

Before committing to a contract, you need to ensure that your organization can deliver. Changepoint Services Automation provides a structured process for analyzing, tracking, and forecasting sales—customer opportunities and their requirements. With seamless CRM integrations, organizations have transparency and better collaborative insights to understand requests of resources, their timelines, and the importance of the work that might be undertaken. The result is that services organizations have real-time visibility into the services demands and associated margins and the ability to execute to help their sales partners be more successful.

For Services Teams

Portfolio management

Product Portfolio Management

Plan and monitor your product lifecycles and ensure your product objectives are still on course. With real-time views across your product portfolios, it is easier to adapt to change and confirm product value and trajectory with the overarching product portfolio goals.

For Product Managers

Program Mgmt

Program Management

Create program plans to develop, test, and launch a program. Assign resources to various tasks, create program status reports, and share program information through notifications. Ensure the key activities are created and have resource accountability for completion. Determine the critical path and focus attention and resources on the pivotal steps to improve your program outcomes.

For Program Managers

Project management

Project Management

Provide greater efficiencies and more accurate project metrics across your services offerings through the customer’s entire engagement lifecycle, including integrated task management, tracking and control, and process workflows. Once an opportunity has been secured, engagement management facilitates rigor and standardization around an effective and profitable engagement lifecycle—ensuring projects get completed on time and on budget.

For Services Project Teams

CP Dashboard

Visibility & Analytics

Achieve greater visibility across your portfolios with embedded business analytics. Changepoint Analytics, powered by IBM Watson, are integrated into your Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Services Automation (SA) solutions. Changepoint Analytics leverages AI to provide real time dashboards and view your data in new ways, uncovering trends and opportunities you may not have been looking for. 

For Project Portfolio Managers

For Services Teams

For Enterprise Architects

For Strategic Leaders


Resource Allocation & Utilization

Capacity and resource planning are critical to your success. Create a competitive advantage through increased visibility into all workstreams. Choose projects based on resource availability without requiring detailed project schedules. Assigning the right resources across projects and engagements means more efficient project delivery. Resource allocation and utilization can be accomplished at the role level, role type level, or team level. This provides flexibility in how resources are managed.

For Project Portfolio Managers

For Services Teams

For Enterprise Architects

For Strategic Leaders

Time cost tracking

Time & Expense Management

Provide anytime, anywhere access to time and expense tracking via any device. Changepoint mobile applications make it easy to enter time and costs—online or offline—which gives leaders better insights into planned, actual, and forecasted project costs and how they impact budget data and project financials. Greater financial accuracy—enabled through real-time documentation, timely approvals, and invoicing—results in real-time revenue recognition.

For Project Portfolio Managers

For Services Teams

Embedded Analytics with AI

Getting your projects completed isn’t enough. You need to be able to communicate project status, risks, alignment to strategy, resource capacity, and more. Pre-built dashboards and powerful embedded analytics with augmented intelligence and machine learning help create reports and anticipate risks with natural language processing.

"[Changepoint Project Portfolio Management (Daptiv)] has improved our project management activities by capturing and reporting data we were not able to easily capture previously. It's saved time on both the front end (PM inputs) and back end (reporting to leadership)."

PMO LEADER   |   S&P 500 Financial Services

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