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Better business outcomes through continuous business improvement and increased user adoption

Companies worldwide choose to invest in Changepoint solutions to help manage critical business processes.

We partner with your organization during implementations, integrations, and business process consulting to develop value-driven solutions to meet your business needs.

Get started on the right foot.

Our Professional Services team engages at the onset of an implementation, offers guidance on implementation strategies, and shares best practices from other engagements. Your unique process are mapped and configured to the software, teams are trained, and you’re set up for launch.

Maximize the value of your Changepoint solution.

Changepoint Professional Services has a comprehensive suite of services to support your changing business conditions and processes. Mid-market and enterprise clients gain peace of mind while confidently achieving better business outcomes through continuous business improvement and increased user adoption.

You know you need Professional Services when…

  • OLD APPS RETIRE: Don’t lose critical project portfolio management or professional services automation capability. Changepoint Professional Services provides migration planning and checklists, and a training series specifically tailored to user type, augmented by Cognos business intelligence.

  • UPGRADES ARE REQUIRED: Don’t get too far behind in product versions. Upgrade Assurance springboards Changepoint PSA on-premise customers to the current version across three annual releases.

  • NEW FEATURES OR FUNCTIONALITY ARE ADDED: It’s a disservice to not promote adoption of new features and functionalities. Keep your team productive with on-the-go time and expense tracking with Changepoint Mobile.

  • EXPANSION INCREASES YOUR USER COUNT: the volume of new employees that require training can be daunting. Changepoint Professional Services reconfigures your Changepoint solution for the new, combined company, assists with data migration, and provides new employee training.

  • ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT (OCM) IS NEEDED: Change is stressful and a lot to manage. Changepoint’s change acceleration process workshop (CAP) expedites the new technology integration.


Changepoint offers two tiers of comprehensive services:

Premier and Enterprise Premier. Offers include:

  • Value Assessment
  • Optimization Services
  • Premier Consultant
  • Tier 2 Support
  • Adoption Services

Ask your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager
for more information on which tier of services could be right for your organization.