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We are partners in your success

Changepoint defines Customer Success as a unique and collaborative partnership with our customers. Our goal is to enable you to effectively plan, adapt, and deliver the right initiatives to meet your strategic goals. We achieve this by working with you to define a successful business partnership and establish mutual goals and expectations. Our Customer Success managers are ready to engage with your team to design a strategic plan that ensures the Changepoint solutions continue to address your most critical challenges.

Through regular touch points, we can assess progress together, measure outcomes, and adjust planning efforts to match evolving business needs. We are your strategic partner, committed to helping you achieve a successful business outcome.


Selecting the right partner and business solution is an ongoing process. We are committed to making your selection and “re-selection” of Changepoint an easy decision.


Business changes—and your business solutions need to change with them. Our team will help you adapt to the demands you experience as a result of constant change.

Adoption & Growth

Your Customer Success team shares best practices, good communication, and ongoing education to gain user advocacy, which increases the smooth delivery, management, and value of your Changepoint solution.