Project Description

PPM and Agile: Bimodal project management delivers the best of both worlds

“Bimodal” is the buzzword, and buzzworthy it is. In project management, the custom has been to choose one execution model (waterfall, agile, Six Sigma, etc.) over another to implement across a PMO. Not so today.

Bimodal project management is changing how projects are executed. Instead of having to choose one practice over another, it’s about implementing more than one method across an organization—allowing PMOs to choose what methodology is best suited by project.

In this white paper, we explore:

  • What bimodal means and how it’s affecting the project management industry as a whole
  • Fallacies (and why they’re not true!) around integrating agile into a PPM framework
  • What a PPM framework with agile integration looks like
  • Standardizing metrics to ensure communication with stakeholders is never compromised—regardless of the method being used

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