Project Description

Understanding the State of Professional Services Today

The professional services industry is being called to change. Customer demand is urging PSOs to transition from L2 product offerings to L3 and L4 services. It’s also encouraging PSOs to move away from out-of-the-box delivery and into post-implementation services and solutions that will help customers transform how they do business.

Create an evolving relationship between customer and service provider. Download the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) and Changepoint joint report, The State of Professional Services Today, to find out how:

  • How the role of PSOs are changing
  • Why technology services are becoming more important
  • What new tools are available to improve business outcomes for both PSOs and their clients
  • What PSOs should be doing to stay ahead of the change curve and stay competitive

With a clear view of the shifting landscape, poise your PSO to be prepared for change, to improve service offerings, and strengthen customer satisfaction.

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