Project Description

Why Application Rationalization Efforts Fail

According to an MIT study, the quality of an IT portfolio is directly related to the organization’s financial performance. Forward-thinking companies are focused on finding most valuable change opportunities. That’s application rationalization. But, more than 70% of all application rationalization efforts fail. Why is that?

In this 30-minute webinar, Paul Cramer, Changepoint General Manager – EPM, explores why application rationalization initiatives can flounder, and what eight steps companies should take before kicking off an application rationalization exercise to ensure its success.

Some application rationalization considerations include:

  • Letting perfect get in the way of good
  • Understanding how to increase maturity levels of teams
  • Create a culture of collaboration
  • Identify and document risk
  • Communicate the value of application rationalization so that your company supports the initiative and doesn’t fear it

Application rationalization is about figuring out how to better rationalize and measure the success of your application portfolio. With that information, find out what is bogging you down and how to better contribute to strategic initiatives.

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