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Project Description



Consumer Banking


  • Extract more business value from its Changepoint investment
  • Rethink business processes and strategy to drive short-term objectives and long-term vision
  • Enable a portfolio strategy across all lines of business


Changepoint for Project and Portfolio Management


  • Company-wide enablement of portfolio-based business model
  • One source of truth for all portfolio and project information
  • Better understanding of financial impact of portfolio-project-level change
  • Greater transparency into strategic initiatives • Improved ability to manage resource capacity and demand
  • Broad expansion of Changepoint from timekeeping tool to strategic enabler of business strategy

Being able to centralize all of our projects and operational information in a single source is a huge time savings, which in turn increases our productivity and efficiency twofold.

Cassie Porcella, Business Manager, Abbey Road Group

The Daptiv PPM staff is very knowledgeable and they are a wonderful resource to help us ensure that we’re maximizing the value of the software. We left feeling pumped about the direction we’ll be going in the future with Daptiv PPM.

Cassie Porcella, Business Manager, Abbey Road Group

The story

The Challenge

bpost bank, a joint venture of bpost and BNP Paribas Fortis and headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, is a bank unlike any other. It is simple, accessible and open to all. It is a bank that welcomes its customers in a public space—the post office—to be closer to the people. The bank aims to communicate with its 1.1 million customers using simple language and without technical jargon, providing a fair and direct experience.

bpost bank first adopted Changepoint in 2007 within its 70-person IT group to aid the team in the Apollo program—an extensive undertaking to migrate the bank’s central customized IT systems to Thaler on SAP. Prior to adopting Changepoint, the IT team suffered from a lack of coordinated solutions for project management. Staff members and project teams relied on a mixed bag of tools such as Excel spreadsheets and other software to track projects and report on project activity. This resulted in a lack of global transparency into current and planned projects, resource capacity and resource demand. Brought in initially as a solution to address their needs, Changepoint was able to provide bpost bank’s Apollo team with a streamlined method for tracking projects, improved ability to manage resource capacity related to the project, automated workflow and reporting, and greater overall automation of the demand process.

But this is just where the story begins for bpost bank. Recognizing that Changepoint was serving primarily as a timekeeping tool, a newly set up governance team and the directors of the businesses began to explore new ways to further business productivity. Digging into the solution, the team mused about flowing time collected into projects and through projects up to the business case.

“We were happy with the benefits we were seeing from Changepoint, but we knew that we could do more and that we could use Changepoint strategically. We were always discovering new functionality from the bottom up,” explained Siegfried Cougé, manager of Corporate Portfolio Office, at bpost bank. “At the same time, we were asking ourselves, how do we as a bank organize ourselves on a portfolio basis, and why not try to manage the entire critical banking portfolio and all associated resources in Changepoint? We realized we needed to step back and answer these key questions before we did anything else.”

That meant also stepping back from Changepoint for a period of time. “If we continued to explore the features tool, we recognized we would get lost in the details. So we decided to wipe the slate clean, and do a top-down exercise to determine how a portfolio strategy could support our business,” explained Cougé. “Over a period of six months, in a discovery exercise that included every stakeholder in our organization, from our board and CEO through to each of our corporate functions, we defined our portfolio-based approach around project selection, project execution, resource grouping, capacity management and the budget roll-up of these initiatives. We then went even deeper, looking at how a portfolio model could be applied to test management, change request and defect management as well. This was a truly transformational exercise for our company.”

Coming off this six-month discovery process, bpost bank’s leadership realized the organization was not yet ready to support this new portfolio model. With full support and buy-in from the board of directors and leadership team, bpost bank began realigning its key functions, making changes in sales, marketing, HR and finance groups to organize them around portfolios. bpost bank also created a department of Corporate Portfolio Office to serve as the central hub of its portfolio strategy and provide support functions on a corporate level.

The Solution

With the strategy defined, the organization aligned and business needs established, bpost bank contacted Changepoint to revisit the Changepoint solution and discover how the two companies could work together to model the envisioned portfolio strategy within the solution, and then re-implement Changepoint in a way that would allow bpost bank to reach and achieve its business objectives.

With the help of the Changepoint team, bpost bank developed an implementation plan to enable the portfolio strategy within the system, realizing maximum leverage of Changepoint’s rich feature set. It also expanded bpost bank’s use of Changepoint beyond its previous use within IT and some business resources to include all business stakeholders responsible for driving strategic change: resources from finance and risk, HR, legal and tax, marketing, sales and IT.

The implementation included a broad base of functions from project managers, business analysts and change managers, aligning all elements to ensure maximum adoption of the Changepoint solution. Today there are some 100 Changepoint users (up from the original deployment of 70)—representing nearly half of all staff, managed on a resource level within Changepoint—and 100 percent of the staff that is fully involved with the “change the bank” initiative.

The Results

Fully operational with the solution as of June 2012, bpost bank is now driving three to six highly strategic projects within Changepoint, in addition to managing on a rolling basis between 40 to 100 change requests where resources are booked and planned. To advance its implementation and achieve its goals more quickly, bpost bank also leveraged a number of Changepoint Accelerators: portfolio and investment planning, project and resource management, financial management, new product development and system administration. The bpost bank team also chose to eliminate all customizations to streamline the organization’s ability to upgrade and take advantage of new capabilities made available in new Changepoint releases, such as the new resource management and project management portals.

bpost bank now has a highly strategic implementation of Changepoint, which is instrumental to the bank’s short-term operations and long-term success, and provides one source of truth for each and every team member.

Said Cougé, “If I want to see which ideas have not yet been converted into projects, I pull that list from Changepoint. If I want to book an IT resource for the next 50 man-days over a 50-week time frame, I make that booking in Changepoint and that resource is then committed. If I want to determine the status of a portfolio or a project and determine what impact a project’s slippage will have on the bank’s financial budget, I go to Changepoint. If I want to see a full inventory of all change requests, or to see the level of passed or failed defects, I go into Changepoint.”

The re-implementation of Changepoint within bpost bank has been nothing short of transformational for the entire organization. “Taking a step back, and rethinking our business and our needs was the key,” said Cougé. “By zero-basing our use of Changepoint, we were able to evolve from a tactical to strategic implementation of this solution, and devise a portfolio-based business model that now drives our business. This portfolio approach, enabled within Changepoint, is allowing us to better realize our short-term objectives, adhere to our longterm vision and ultimately improve our business performance and competitiveness in the market. We’re very pleased with what we’ve been able to achieve.”