Project Description



Software Solutions and Development


Keste lacked the actionable and timely data necessary to detect inefficiencies early on to make corrective adjustments and prevent profit loss.


Changepoint Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution


  • End-to-end visibility and reporting across business operations and teams
  • Integrating Changepoint with the existing financial reporting system cut 60 annual days-worth of time and cost associated with double data entry
  • New proactive action plans implemented to increase revenue by capturing profitability that would have previously been lost without Changepoint’s real-time account overrun detection
  • Visibility into current and historical project data supported development of more disciplined and realistic statements of work

We run our business end-to-end with Changepoint PSA, and the insights we’ve gained have changed the way we manage operations and people— our greatest asset—for the better. We’re able to view things objectively and make profitable adjustments regarding compensation plans, staffing engagements, and even recruitment approaches.

Ken Judd, CFO, Keste

The story

About Keste

Keste is an award-winning software solutions and development company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and recognized as one of the nation’s fastestgrowing businesses. Keste focuses on the execution, delivery, and support of enterprise software for industries, including technology, industrial manufacturing, communications, and life sciences. The company provides enterprise software solutions to automate and optimize complex business processes in order to help global companies accelerate enterprise strategy and achieve breakout success in their markets. With solution centers in the United States and India, Keste has international experience with hundreds of successful implementations using Salesforce solutions and Oracle applications, middleware, and hardware for Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 2000 clients.

The Challenge

Keste provides a broad spectrum of value-added IT services to multi-national companies, ranging from enterprise architecture consulting to ongoing support for managed service solutions. While the level of support ranges, Keste’s primary asset remains the same—its consultants.

Within the past few years Keste has seen exponential personnel and revenue growth. It needed a way to continuously scale its operations and ensure project profitability by monitoring work contracts and delivering timely project information regarding revenue, costs, margins, and engagement milestones. To maintain its competitiveness, the company required a system that could accurately and effectively track its most critical asset throughout project engagements.

Prior to the Changepoint Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution, Keste relied on Excel spreadsheets and a time capture solution to monitor its resources, project status, and profitability. Manual data entry meant more errors, and it couldn’t provide actionable insights executives needed to make savvier business decisions. When executives, the PMO, and practice leaders detected account overages, they had to spend valuable time combing through often dated information to identify and remedy the cause. In 2009, Keste set out to find an operational platform that could capture project data in real-time, flag overages, and relay data through customizable dashboards to stakeholders across the organization.

The Solution

Keste sent CFO, Ken Judd, on a mission to find a PSA solution that could meet the company’s expanding needs. At a leading services industry conference, Judd previewed demos for multiple PSA products and recognized the Changepoint PSA solution stood out from the crowd. Not only could it replace the existing time-capture system and offer robust reporting and dashboards, he found it encompassed all of the features his organization was looking for in an end-to-end package. Changepoint PSA came equipped with project-management capabilities, a knowledge repository, document storage, expense reporting, and invoicing— all of which could be managed within a private cloud.

A few short months later, Keste deployed Changepoint PSA throughout its entire global organization. Thanks to the solution’s intuitive user experience, very minimal training was required to bring all departments across the U.S. and India up-to-speed. Changepoint’s global interoperability and multicurrency functionality allowed users from both countries to immediately start using the system and convert billing between dollars and rupees without losing data integrity. For administrative and upper-level users interested in using the product for complex reports and analysis, Changepoint offered additional training to ensure seamless integration for day-to-day activities.

The Results

A view from near and far

Since deploying Changepoint PSA, Keste has been able to integrate each of its business functions into the system. This has given its executives complete transparency and visibility across the entire business. Due to the system’s flexible reporting capabilities, users are able to parse out the data within Changepoint into three distinct views:

  • Individual view: determines the volume and type of projects consultants have completed
  • Customer view: monitors project history and profitability
  • Business Portfolio view: analyzes practice areas or similar customers and projects

These three views work together to empower executives to identify high-performing employees, profitable and unprofitable practices, as well as project trends through the complete visibility they deliver from multiple vantage points.

“Changepoint provides insights to business-critical metrics we can act on to take corrective action regarding pricing adjustments, change requests, project termination, and even staffing,” said Judd.

No more lost revenue, just found

Using Changepoint PSA, Judd has been able to apply additional strategy and discipline to Keste’s contract development process as well as the project change request process. Executives and project managers across the company now use the solution to identify project overruns as they’re happening so they can make real-time decisions about what’s best for the client, project and the company. This level of clarity has helped Keste realize incremental revenue gain by reducing leakage and capturing profitability that would have previously been lost.

A richer forecast

With Changepoint, Keste has been able to use current and historical data to forecast overages and augment the contracting process based on that information. Now, it can use its own information from past engagements to predict future overages and revamp the contracting process, making statements of work more specific to encompass deliverables and potential overage scenarios. Changepoint’s reporting capabilities have ultimately allowed Keste to map its project inefficiencies to the organization’s bottom line and drive increased profitability through more efficient project management and statements of work.

Deeper integration reduces work

After the initial installation, Keste expanded its use of Changepoint PSA by integrating the solution with its financial reporting system. Before integrating the two systems, employees were required to manually key data into the financial system based on Changepoint PSA reports. With Changepoint’s flexible and customizable features, Keste was able to seamlessly integrate the two solutions, eliminating a double entry process that was costing the organization approximately 60 working days over the course of a year. Additionally, Changepoint PSA has been able to scale with Keste’s extreme growth curve, including the tripling of its workforce within the last few years.