Project Description



Financial Services


EPF required a structured approach for project and portfolio management (PPM), but lacked a system for centralised management of IT projects and resources.


Changepoint for Project and Portfolio Management


  • More efficient and detailed IT planning
  • Improved management of operation requests
  • Effective project status reporting

Changepoint provided our IT team with the capacity to continuously track the progress of all the assigned work, allowing EPF to achieve its objective of gaining visibility into the amount of work and resources put into maintaining its existing applications.

Andy Tan, CIO, Employee Provident Fund

The story

About Employee Provident Fund

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is a social security institution which provides retirement benefits for members through management of their savings in an efficient and reliable manner. It was formed according to the laws of Malaysia, Employees Provident Fund Act 1991 (Act 452). The EPF also provides a convenient framework for employers to meet their statutory and moral obligations to their employees.

The Challenge

In line with the objective of EPF to be a leading social security organization, the Information Technology (IT) Department of EPF recognized the need to put into place an IT governance framework. One of the key initiatives in its area is the development of a structured approach for project and portfolio management (PPM) processes. In order to support the PPM processes, EPF required a new enterprise-wide system to centralize the management of the planning, allocating, tracking and reporting of IT projects and resources.

The objective was to achieve operational alignment to the EPF organizational strategy.

The Solution

EPF decided to employ Changepoint to assist in managing its end-to-end business processes and to provide more control over its IT processes. In this way, EPF would be in a better position to make investment decisions due to more formalized business cases and prioritization.

In order to get EPF operating quickly and smoothly for a more rapid ROI, Changepoint’s four accelerators—Supply and Demand, Application Portfolio Management, Delivery Management and Agile—would serve as a solid foundation.

The Results

The focus of the Changepoint implementation was on gaining visibility into the IT portfolio.

Three process areas were identified for implementation: IT planning, request management and project status reporting.

With Changepoint, EPF’s internal IT PMO can consolidate work plans from business units in order to review and evaluate these plans for budgeting. The preliminary plans continue to evolve into full business cases, where detailed IT planning takes place to allow the business units and the IT department to make informed decisions on how to focus their resources for the next planning period. The business case development includes technical assessments and budget estimations for software- and hardware-related costs and labour resource costs.

Changepoint also makes request management more efficient. It enables EPF to log operation requests, such as defects and change requests, and automatically routes the requests to the IT customer relationship team. Each request is assigned to the appropriate IT team for assessment and completion.

Changepoint enabled the project managers and IT PMO to report the status of all IT projects by providing the information for more effective project status reporting, portfolio metrics to standardize EPF’s performance management and as part of the post-implementation review assessments.