Is it time to reassess?

With the right PPM solution, it’s easier to keep project portfolios on track. The result? Realizing what projects to work on, what to invest in, and what to divest. The benefit? Finding the right room to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge.

The project-management bottleneck

Spreadsheets. 63%1 of organizations are still using them—leading to poorly allocated resources, doubling data entry, and making it harder to communicate project status.

Today’s PPM tools are designed to integrate with multiple core systems to eliminate double data entry while optimizing the use of resources through a real-time view of project and resource status.

The top five business challenges that lead people to project management software, according to the 2013 Inbox Insight Survey by the Access Group, are:

  • Capturing time/cost of projects (62%)
  • Approvals are paper based (55%)
  • Re-entering lost data (45%)
  • Lack of integration between tools (38%)
  • No central source of project information (35%)2

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Your PPM should empower you to:


Your business has to “keep the lights on,” as they say. Make sure those ongoing projects get done on time and on budget.


Growth is where you can discover opportunity and make way for new initiatives that will enable your teams to work better and stronger.


This is where innovation lives. With a real-time view of your project portfolio, it’s easier to find where there’s room to drive innovation and transform.

Top 5 PMO Challenges

  • Resistance to change within the organization
  • PMO is perceived as unnecessary overhead
  • Not enough time and/or resources for strategic activities
  • Value added by PMO is difficult to prove
  • Poor resource management capabilities3

Top 5 PMO Challenges


From a delivery standpoint, can you count on it; was it designed for project management? What about implementation: Are you looking for an on-premise solution or a SaaS-based delivery model? These are the first steps in finding the right solution for your business.

Ease of integration

Finding a tool that seamlessly integrates and enables your core systems to communicate with one another helps your teams stay up to date and on the same page without having to spend time keeping separate systems in sync.


From stakeholders and management all the way down to the every-day user, your PPM tool has to be easy to use. Finding a solution that makes it easy to access the level of information you’re after—such as resource and project status, or financial information—is a must.

PMO game changers

Don’t invest in a wimpy PPM solution or subpar workaround. If your PMO is ready for a PPM solution, it should be a robust tool that helps your teams work smarter, faster, and better.

Key features to look for in a PPM solution include:

Performance management. Make it easier to invest in your people and maximize the overall performance of your team with metrics that can help you target mentoring and training

Time tracking. Understand how much time your teams are spending on activities and gain the insight necessary to direct or redirect focus

Document management. This one goes without saying, but… Centralized document management ensures that everyone is on the same page, working from the most current project information and document versions

Workflow management. Find out if your processes are helping you work smarter and trace efficiencies to figure out if a change needs to be made

Survey management. Include stakeholder feedback so that you can track and monitor client satisfaction to inform future decisions

Knowledge management. Create a corporate learning community to process and store knowledge

Client collaboration. Provide your clients with an online collaboration and discussion forum. The insight you’ll get will help you shape future objectives

Make sure that your PPM solution can manage more than just the basics. Find out more about the key features of PPM and see where a robust solution can take you.

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