Project Description



Technology (Software and Professional Services)


Altum needed to standardize its procedures and processes for services engagement and establish project management as part of the company culture to manage revenue opportunities as the company grew.


Changepoint Professional Services Automation (PSA)


  • Implemented standard procedures and processes for request for proposals (RFPs), engagements, and projects
  • Managed department and resource utilization
  • Managed project-specific and corporate-level profitability

Changepoint’s fully integrated PSA suite is really critical to our business. Instead of having disconnected pieces and parts, each managing a slice of what we do, we have Changepoint.

Steve Pinchotti, CEO, Altum Inc.

The story

About Altum

Altum was founded in 1997, by Ken Fang, who wanted to focus on building custom software at off-the-shelf prices. Eventually, the company began to build grant reporting systems for the National Institutes of Health and quickly earned a reputation for high-quality work in the grants management space. Through adept business development and acquisitions, the company grew dramatically, and, in 2000, was christened “Altum,” which means “to nourish” and “to grow” in Latin.

The Challenge

Headquartered in Reston, Va., just outside Washington D.C., Altum has been successful providing U.S. federal government agencies and nonprofit organizations with more control over their data since its founding in 1997. While it offers three customizable software products, Altum is primarily a professional services firm aimed at streamlining and integrating grants and performance management processes for its customers, including the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, as well as nonprofits such as the Alzheimer’s Association and the American Cancer Society.

Altum’s business success depends on a thriving and growing professional services organization. Today a majority of its revenue comes from its consulting expertise and services in the areas of grants management, budget formulation and execution, strategic planning and performance management. Altum’s continued growth and expansion in these areas required a professional services automation (PSA) solution to standardize processes and procedures surrounding new contracts and services engagements and to better manage their profitability.

The Solution

Altum adopted Changepoint because it could scale and support the company as it grew over time. At first, Altum’s staff used Changepoint to simply track Altum’s overall corporate profit. Today, the growing company uses Changepoint to manage the profitability of each individual project, and track the tasks, activities, costs and invoices of specific client implementations. The Changepoint solution also helps the company respond quickly to requests for proposal (RFPs), opening up more business opportunities.

Altum enrolls every employee into Changepoint, from the CEO on down, including company subcontractors. Staff members can now follow a standardized procedure for setting up an engagement, project or task. Changepoint is designed to be accessible for employees at any level to use the system daily to take advantage of its capabilities. The integrated components of Changepoint let employees track time and expenses for each project seamlessly, from customer acquisition and on through invoicing. With Changepoint, Altum management teams can keep client projects on track and on budget. Changepoint’s report designer tracks information and metrics vital to the business’s financial health for company executives.

The Results

Changepoint has become an integral part of the Altum corporate culture and an instrumental tool in managing business operations. In fact, Altum recently rolled out a significant refresher program for all its staff and managers to ensure everyone in the company understood Changepoint’s capabilities and was familiar with its new features. From the viewpoint of Steve Pinchotti, Altum’s CEO, this investment has resulted in an even greater level of adoption within the company.

“Changepoint’s fully integrated PSA suite is really critical to our business. Instead of having disconnected pieces and parts, each managing a slice of what we do, we have Changepoint,” says Pinchotti. “Within one integrated solution, we can support every critical business process, from time and expense tracking, to invoicing, to new product development and support requests. I would absolutely recommend Changepoint to others.”

Pinchotti is so enthusiastic about Changepoint’s PSA solution, he recently signed on Altum as a Changepoint partner, and is actively reselling it to customers in the U.S. federal government and nonprofit sectors. “We think there is a real need out there for organizations to better track projects and take control of costs. In a difficult economy, it is critical that organizations are realizing returns on investment for their IT expenditures,” he says.

As for Altum’s staff, big plans are already underway to adopt even more of Changepoint’s capabilities in the near future. The company wants to leverage the solution’s Agile Accelerator to aid in new product development, as well as its resource management module to enable more resource analysis and improve resource utilization.