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Who Uses Changepoint SPM

Changepoint SPM is a powerful, flexible solution for managing portfolios across several use cases. Leaders look to Changepoint SPM for real-time analytics to drive strategic decision-making across their initiatives.

PMO/EPMO Leaders

PMO/EPMO Leaders

Visibility into your full portfolio of projects, resource allocations, and constraints so you can make real-time decisions.


Strategic Leaders

Ensure portfolio prioritization aligns with strategic business goals. Real-time analytics keep project teams aligned and on track.

Product Management and Development

Product Management and Development

Improve alignment between product innovation processes and business strategy with improved prioritization, roadmapping, analysis, testing, and more.


IT Leaders

Easily visualize, prioritize, and roadmap your entire project portfolio across project methodologies including waterfall, agile, and hybrid projects.

Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership

Real-time dashboards and easy-to-use reporting provide executives the visibility to understand project progress, remove roadblocks, and ensure strategic alignment.

Enterprise Architects

Enterprise Architects

Drive business transformation by applying agile thinking to business and portfolio planning with powerful visualizations and analysis.

Changepoint Customer Services

Achieve successful outcomes through implementation, training, adoption, and optimization of your Changepoint solution. Together, we’ll define a successful customer journey and establish mutual goals, desired outcomes, and expectations. Changepoint’s integrated, global Customer Services teams, services offerings, and customer events ensure that you learn, connect, collaborate, and grow with your Changepoint solution.


Customer Success: Focused on Making Our Customers the Heroes of Their Organizations

The Changepoint Customer Success team earns customer trust through a collaborative engagement model designed to mature the use of your Changepoint solution, improve adoption, and enable better business outcomes. Customer-focused activities—such as regular check-in calls and quarterly business reviews—keep everyone in sync, measuring roadmap progress, accelerating adoption, and maximizing product value.


Customer Enablement: Helping Customers Fully Realize Product Potential from Day One

The Changepoint Customer Enablement team delivers implementation, integration, and configuration services that ensure a successful first step in the customer journey. We work closely with you to design and execute a project strategy that enables a smooth, agile deployment, while maximizing knowledge transfer and accelerating value of your Changepoint solution.


Customer Care: Taking the Art of Listening and Problem-Solving to a New Level

The Changepoint Customer Care team is highly responsive to customer product support requests, and leverages leading technology and practices in troubleshooting and problem-solving. Changepoint Customer Care enhances opportunities for continuous product dialogue, knowledge sharing, and support by fostering robust online communities, a comprehensive knowledge base, and monthly Tech Talk webinars.

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