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A Complete PSA Solution for Customer Projects

Changepoint Services Automation (SA) integrates with any CRM and ERP, replacing manual processes with intelligent capabilities that improve enterprise profitability


Strengthen Project Financials

Access sophisticated budgeting, cost allocation, multi-currency, and taxation capabilities that keep the management of complex, professional services projects cash flow positive. 

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SA Forecast the Workload

Forecast the Workload

Line up opportunities in the pipeline by interacting with your CRM, then capacity plan for the delivery of complex projects, client satisfaction, and financial success.

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Plan for Success

Simplify contractual complexity with a flexible, consolidated approach that supports multiple billing elements to ensure efficient services project delivery.

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Optimize Resource Allocation

Deploy the right people, to the right services projects, at the right time with software that optimizes capacity by cutting costs of non-billable work and "benched" resources.

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Automate Services Delivery

Replace costly, inefficient processes with intelligence-driven workflows that automate your entire quote-to-cash project lifecycle - all within a single solution

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Capture Every Hour

Keep track of all billable and non-billable time, and expense, tied to complex services projects then invoice in a manner that keeps steady streams of revenue coming in.

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What Customer are Saying About Changepoint SA

Improved Margin & Profit
Improved Resource Utilization
Improved Analytics for Executive Insight
Enhanced Revenue Recognition


Who We Serve

Changepoint SA supports the objective of multiple lines of business within an enterprise services organization

Changepoint has allowed us to streamline business and technical processes. It has standardized how we manage our projects globally, and removed many manual processes. The data captured has also increased visability and improved executive reporting.

-Application Portfolio Manager; Global 500 Electronics

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