Portfolio Heirarchy - zoom 2

Manage a combined portfolio across project execution methodologies

Choose the right methodology for the work and view the entire, combined portfolio in one location whether projects and programs are being managed via agile, waterfall, or lean.

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Project Resource Plan Zoom 2

Manage and Optimize Resources

Match appropriate resources to projected demand, increase productivity and satisfaction, and improve outcomes through increased oversight.

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Portfolio Status Dashboard Zoom 3

Deep Insights through Reporting & Analytics

Empower stakeholders to make faster and more accurate decisions with intuitive dashboards, AI-powered insights and advanced cloud-based analytics capabilities. 

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NPD Stage Gate 2

Speed Time-to-Value for New Products

Deliver new products to market more quickly with a consistent, repeatable project process, customized to your New Product Development (NPD) methodology. 

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Financial Accelerator report Zoom 2

Control project costs and increase business value

Improve the bottom line and contribute greater business value through coordinated planning with visibility into financials.

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Roadmap w Constraints

Elevate your PMO with Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)

The Strategic Portfolio Management module works with PPM to elevate and accelerate portfolio planning. Assess, prioritize, and roadmap initiatives. Explore what-if scenarios, manage constrained resources, and align your portfolio with business strategy.

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Integrate with Anything

Changepoint PPM Integration-as-a-Service pulls together PPM data from Agile, ERP, ITSM, and other tools into a single source of truth. We build and maintain these integrations for you to quickly enable complete, reliable portfolio views to power decision-making. 

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Changepoint PPM is Measurably Improving PMO Performance

Improved Analytics for Executive Insight
Planning process efficiency improved
Realized improvement in resource utilization
Realized significant value in their first 12 months


Who We Serve 

Project Portfolio Management is more than just work management. Changepoint PPM is designed to help leaders across the organization ensure the best business outcomes for all prioritized projects and programs.

Take your Project Portfolio Management to the Next Level

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"Changepoint PPM has improved the executive visibility into the portfolio, elevated the maturity of our PMO, optimized resource allocation and cost management, and enhanced our reporting capabilities."

PPM Leader, Medium Enterprise Banking Firm


World-Class Service Offerings

Changepoint is committed to helping your organization reach its goals. Our consultants have real-world PMO experience to help you drive your business forward with seamless integrations, analytics assurance support, education services/training, and more.

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