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It’s all right here

Create configurable dashboards to roll-up data for an overview of portfolio health. Out-of-the-box features standardize portfolio selection and monitoring with best-practice KPIs.

  • Compare portfolio targets with actual budget to answer if your organization is executing according to plan.
  • ​Quickly toggle views to see different dimensions of information


Inform future decisions

Get a high-level view of project score to optimize portfolio planning and ensure you’re doing the right projects. Adjust and optimize the project portfolio using real-time information to support decisions.


Show me the money

Get a look at budget allocation by department and see how initiatives are mapping to quarterly benefits. Assess how portfolio attributes are impacting spend and see the remaining budget in the context of percent complete.


Stay above water

Create different scenarios to see how investments impact your total budget. Use a ranking algorithm to depict which projects, according to their rank and attributes, will keep you in the green.

  • Conduct what-if analysis and portfolio analysis from various dimensions, such as budget, resource capacity, risk, and strategic alignment
  • Pivot on dimensions to perform budget waterline analysis to inform planning


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