Daptiv for NPD

Daptiv for NPD improves alignment between a company’s product innovation process and its business strategy. The solution helps companies prioritize their innovation pipeline, providing a portfolio view of products and categorizing them based on various parameters such as market share, growth potential, and lifecycle stage. In addition, Daptiv for NPD allows companies to take a program-based approach to new product introduction, providing pre-configured templates to manage scoping, business analysis, design and development, testing and validation, and product launch.

What sets Daptiv PPM apart?

  • Manage all your NPD workstreams with adaptable project workspaces

    Deliver value using your unique NDP processes with Daptiv’s flexibility and configurability

    Select the best ideas with flexible scoring models and constraint-based portfolio planning

    Achieve unprecedented visibility across programs and portfolios with embedded business intelligence

    Connect all your NPD data into a single source of truth with Daptiv’s Integration as a Service

From our customers…

Daptiv PPM increased our collaboration through new levels of transparency into each project phase. It’s also allowed Precor’s Systems Application and Products (SAP) team to close the loop between resource and project management through its light-touch, high-impact features.

Clinton Pawlick, Director, IT, Precor

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Daptiv for NPD: Industry-leading adaptability enables better business outcomes

Click on your current challenge(s) to see how Daptiv’s highly-configurable SaaS solution can help you gain control around planning, adapting, and delivering the right products–and manage projects, programs, and portfolios from start to finish.

Select a pain point
  • Execution processes are unique and don’t fit into our tool structure.
  • It’s difficult to manage all product workstreams in one program.
  • NPD data is in multiple systems.
  • Our NPD organization has more product ideas than budget or capacity to create.
  • There is a lack of visibility into product, program, and portfolio financials.
  • We are challenged by overloaded capacity and resource conflicts. Resource supply doesn’t match project demand.
  • We are unable to see across our NPD programs for a combined portfolio view.
  • 360' resource management
  • Configurability
  • Embedded business intelligence (BI)
  • Flexible workspaces
  • Integration as a Service
  • Build and automate a system that fits unique NPD processes.
  • Connect all NPD data into a single source of truth.
  • Construct a product portfolio that will produce the most revenue and market share.
  • Improve control of project costs and contribute greater business value.
  • Manage the entire NPD program in one place.
  • Optimize resource utilization, and reduce resource conflicts and churn.
  • Roll up product programs into a combined portfolio that covers all product launches

Accelerate your products to market with Daptiv’s powerful capabilities for NPD

Rationalize Ideas into Valuable Product Concepts

Foster and nurture a dynamic community that generates product ideas based upon market needs. Push through the right ideas at the right time. Create portfolio maps, scoring models, and checklists to aid in the selection of NPD projects. Select the right products to develop, enhance, or sunset based on market opportunity analysis.

More About Idea Management

Plan and monitor your product lifecycles

Ensure your product objectives are still on course. With real time view across your product portfolios, it is easier to respond to change and confirm product value and trajectory with the overarching product portfolio goals.

More About Product Portfolio Management


Manage all your product workstreams

Create project plans to develop, test, and launch a product. Assign resources to various tasks, create product status reports, share project innformation through notifications. Ensure the key activitites are created without gaps. Build in quality control and checks. Determine the critical path and focus attention and resources to the pivotal steps.

More About Program Management

View and manage all project details

Get an end-to-end process for managing the project lifecycle. With a holistic and integrated approach, manage multiple types of work — from Business Process Improvement to lean and everything in between.

More About Project Management

Daptiv Project Dashboard

360′ resource management

Top-down, bottom-up, comprehensive resource management at four levels. Ensure the right resources are working on the right projects at the right time.

More About Capacity & Resource Planning

Turn insights into action

Use real-time information to make better business decisions. Fully-embedded BI provides advanced reporting tools for enterprise-class data analysis and report building. Daptiv supports 4 business intelligence use cases: dashboards, operational, ad hoc, and mobile. Choose from more than 75 out-of-the-box reports.

More About Business Intelligence

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