Daptiv for line-of-business and enterprise PMOs

Daptiv PPM for business PMOs connects strategy to execution, enabling project management offices to implement a structured approach to managing balanced portfolios. Configurable scoring models for analyzing project requests help you control project intake based on business priorities. Resource management prevents capacity overload and reduces resource conflicts through top-down/bottom-up planning. Integration, flexible workspaces, configurability, and business intelligence create a single source of truth that centralizes portfolio data for analysis and reporting from multiple work methods and systems, increasing visibility.

What sets Daptiv PPM apart?

  • Manage and monitor across multiple types of work with adaptable project workspaces

    Adapt and evolve your PPM processes with Daptiv’s flexibility and configurability

    Enable your strategy by selecting the right initiatives with 360′ constraint-based resource and portfolio planning

    Achieve unprecedented visibility across your portfolios with embedded business intelligence

    Connect all your PPM data into a single source of truth with Daptiv’s Integration as a Service

From our customers…

“Daptiv is an excellent enterprise solution… facilitating cross‑departmental communications. Project and resource managers use Daptiv PPM to look at allocated resources, project milestones and process control–every aspect of a project from start to end. A key benefit of Daptiv PPM is the visibility into the health and execution of projects at a global level, which in turn impacts our ability to make critical business decisions more effectively.”

Ronda Lee, Project Management Coordinator, Illuminating Concepts

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Daptiv for business and enterprise PMOs: Industry-leading adaptability enables better business outcomes

Click on your current challenge(s) to see how Daptiv’s highly-configurable SaaS solution can help you gain control around planning, adapting, and delivering the right portfolio–and manage projects, programs, and portfolios from start to finish.

Select a pain point
  • Our PMO should align strategy to execution; we need to down-select project ideas based on strategic alignment and business impact.
  • It's difficult to see all types of work in one place.
  • Our PMO is continually evolving; we need to be able to morph our PPM solution to fit.
  • We are challenged by overloaded capacity and resource conflicts. Resource supply doesn't match project demand.
  • We need to provide portfolio visibility to executive management, the PMO, business units, and other stakeholders.
  • There is a lack of visibility into project, program, 
and portfolio financials.
  • PPM data is in multiple systems.
  • 360' resource management
  • Configurability
  • Embedded business intelligence (BI)
  • Flexible workspaces
  • Integration as a Service
  • Achieve unprecedented visibility across the portfolio.
  • Build a project portfolio that is better aligned with corporate strategy.
  • Connect all PPM data into a single source of truth.
  • Easily evolve and adapt PPM processes.
  • Improve control of project costs and contribute greater business value.
  • Optimize resource utilization, and reduce resource conflicts and churn.
  • Utilize a combined portfolio with visibility into all projects being overseen by the PMO.

Build and manage an adaptable portfolio that continuously delivers your strategic outcomes with the powerful capabilities of Daptiv PPM

Align strategy and execution

Plan and monitor your portfolios from a top-down perspective to ensure your investments align with business strategy. With a real-time view across your enterprise, it’s easier to respond to change and confirm project objectives and trajectory to align with the overarching business goals.

More About Portfolio Management

Manage your project pipeline

Gain a simple and sophisticated solution for managing intake and prioritization. Conduct top-down resource planning to match demand with supply. Determine “when” and not just “if” a project can start.

More About Demand Management

360′ resource management

Top-down, bottom-up, comprehensive resource management at four levels. Ensure the right resources are working on the right projects at the right time.

More About Resource Management

Easily manage the entire project lifecycle

Get an end-to-end process for managing the project lifecycle. With a holistic and integrated approach, manage multiple types of work — from Business Process Improvement to lean and everything in between.

More About Project Management

Planning feedback informs future decisions

Fine tune your resource planning with simpler methods for tracking and submitting time. Understand how labor costs impact project financials.

More About Time Tracking

Turn insights into action

Use real-time information to make better business decisions. Fully-embedded BI provides advanced reporting tools for enterprise class data analysis and report building. Daptiv supports 4 business intelligence use cases: dashboards, operational, ad hoc, and mobile. Choose from more than 75 out-of-the-box reports.

Learn More About Business Intelligence

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Find out how Daptiv PPM for business and enterprise PMOs can benefit your organization

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