Do you need to manage and monitor across multiple types of work?

Do it with Daptiv’s adaptable project workspaces.

Daptiv’s Project Workspaces can be configured to handle and report on multiple work methods including Waterfall, Agile, and Lean. These disparate workspace types are then rolled into a unified portfolio view using common KPIs configured into each workspace. The workspace can also be configured to track and store all the important project artifacts consistent with the chosen work method. The project’s document library, along with common artifacts like Risks and Issues are available to team members from this one convenient location.

Adaptable project workspaces empower you to:


Project workspaces can be configured for multiple types of work methods


Common key KPIs can be shared across these workspaces


Daptiv PPM integrates with the most common work execution tools

Adaptable project workspaces in action

Wi-Tronix is a great example of a customer that takes advantage of this unique capability. Wi-Tronix develops software and hardware for the railroad industry to track train movements. They are a classic example of a Hybrid PMO, deploying their hardware using traditional waterfall methods while developing their software using Agile. Daptiv is used to manage waterfall projects while TFS is manages the Agile work.  Agile project data is integrated into Daptiv from TFS, allowing Wi-Tronix to run a unified project portfolio to drive project and customer profitability.

As the diagram on the left illustrates, Daptiv integrates with the most common work execution tools such as Jira, Rally, TFS, and Trello. Agile and Lean teams can work in their chosen tool and know their status and key KPIs are being reported up to the unified portfolio without any double-entry of data.

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