Do you need to adapt and evolve your PPM processes?

Do it with Daptiv’s flexibility and configurability.

Daptiv PPM’s flexibility grows with your business: PMOs do not stand still. They evolve and mature as business needs change. Daptiv PPM is easily modified to adapt to your changing needs—nothing in Daptiv PPM is set in stone. It is easily configured to meet your specific project and portfolio management needs.

Every company has its own approach to how projects are approved, executed, and tracked.  Workspaces can be created from specific project templates, and come pre-loaded with document tools, task schedules, and other artifacts. Dashboard and reports provide all stakeholders—from project managers to executives—with the information they need to make smart business decisions.

Best-in-class flexibility empowers you to:


Daptiv PPM is uniquely configurable, so you can tailor it to your unique processes—no coding or customization required


With Daptiv PPM’s flexibility. you can fine-tune the toolset to meet your changing business needs, whenever the need arises.


Dynamic applications enable new form types, specialized business rules, and calculations—immediately available for reporting and analysis

Flexibility and configurability in action

NuStar takes full advantage of Daptiv PPM’s configurability. NuStar is a very large operator of oil pipeline and storage facilities.  They use specially configured Workspaces to drive their project lifecycles from “concept to close.”  When a project is approved, it is automatically created from one of several templates, and includes the tools required for a project manager to deliver that project.  NuStar uses the Dynamic Applications to drive project status updates and any project change requests.  NuStar has also configured a standard set of project dashboards for the project managers, and a portfolio-wide set of dashboards and analytics for the PMO and stakeholders. These dashboards roll up KPIs and status for projects across the portfolio.

As the report on the left illustrates, Daptiv PPM surfaces the data needed to see the rollout of your portfolio plan. This landing map report shows the project timelines and release dates, allowing all stakeholders to understand the plan and identify any potential conflicts.

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