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Get it done with Daptiv’s 360′ constraint-based resource & portfolio planning.

Capacity and resource planning are important activities for the PMO.  Choose projects in Daptiv PPM based on resource availability without first requiring detailed project schedules.  This allows the PMO to quickly assess different combinations and scenarios of the project portfolio without having to spend a lot of upfront time defining schedules.

Daptiv also enables portfolio demand planning, which uses a forms-based intake process and a variety of scoring models to evaluate projects requests across a variety of measures.  Financial capacity planning enables the PMO to evaluate project requests in terms of OpEx and CapEx budget constraints, as well as by other financial parameters. Resource capacity planning can be accomplished at the role level, the role type level, or the team level—providing additional flexibility in how resources are managed.

360′ constraint-based resource and portfolio planning empowers you to:


Top-down capacity planning enables matching the demand for project work with the available supply at the role level without having to roll up detailed schedules


A forms-based project intake and scoring model feeds the demand side so the most valuable projects rise to the top


Financial budgets, measures, and targets can be visualized and refined within interactive business intelligence tools

360′ constraint-based resource and portfolio planning in action

Owens-Illinois utilizes Daptiv PPM for capacity and resource planning.  They are a leading manufacturer of glass bottles and their business PMO frequently embarks on new manufacturing and building initiatives.  Each year, Owens-Illinois receives hundreds of project requests—far more than the company has the financial or human capital resources to satisfy.  Against this demand, they must evaluate the availability of thousands of project resources as well as billions of dollars of CapEx and OpEx budgets that must be allocated separately.  They use a form of NPV as one of the hurdle rate metrics that they consider for funding projects.  They also use a resource-type capacity planning model rather than performing capacity planning at the individual resource level.  This resource planning process is a core part of the PMO functionality and an important part of their planning and budget cycle.

The report on the left displays a stacked bar chart with in-flight projects plus project requests. Daptiv allows you to easily see when demand exceeds capacity and which requests are causing overruns by types of resources.

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