Use JIRA for in-depth Agile workflow and still manage overall project and portfolio data in Daptiv PPM. It’s the best of both worlds.



Faster, easier approvals

Automate the workflow around approvals so time isn’t wasted searching for, following up and tracking down project-critical approvals that can create bottlenecks and delayed delivery.


Use the method that’s right for the project

With integrated JIRA, you have the Agile capabilities your team needs to work at its best, while still capturing the data you need to keep your project on time and on budget.


Gain deep visibility into your project data

With deep, two-way JIRA integration you’ll be able to view project level, task level, aggregate task level, and issue level data into Daptiv for reporting and analysis. You’ve never seen your project data like this before.

What early adopters have to say…

“Our developers use JIRA extensively. JIRA Connect will help us with time, tracking, reporting, and resource management while allowing them to keep using their tool of choice for Agile development.”

“JIRA Connect will allow us to continue our use of JIRA for documentation and execution while connecting JIRA data directly to projects and reporting in Daptiv.”

“JIRA Connect will allow our developers to log time directly against JIRA issues and NOT have to double-enter that time in Daptiv. It will also help us maintain governance and visibility across all of our projects in Daptiv.”


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