Expense entry, reports, and approvals made easy

Being a remote Professional Services professional should not be a hassle– or a detriment to the company’s bottom line. Immediately document expenses and generate a complete expense report– the data will sync when you’re back online. Managers can efficiently approve expense reports on their mobile device. Timely and more accurate invoicing results in faster revenue and happier customers.


It’s about time

Tracking time—both billable and non-billable—is essential to the success of your organization. With a simple and sophisticated time tracking system, make it easier for your teams to enter time to inform utilization metrics and timely invoicing.


Keep the focus on your clients

Your workforce is out in the field. With on- and offline capabilities, use the Changepoint mobile app to enter time anywhere, anytime, from any device. Increase data accuracy with easier submission, increase user adoption, and keep your teams out of desktop applications and focused on their clients.


No more bottlenecks

Accelerate the invoice payment cycle with quick, effective, and accurate time approval. Reduce billing errors and DSOs with automated processes that highlight missing data and closes the billing loop post-approval.


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