barometerIT brings unique clarity to your biggest business challenges by providing an “up-to-date blueprint” of your business and IT environment. Help leaders reclaim creative, future-oriented work by reducing the time necessary to support portfolios. Generate actionable information and identify redundancies, streamline processes, rationalize systems, and most importantly, make decisions using real-time information.

With barometerIT, create visibility into new opportunities for growth and streamline the innovation process.



    Get a clear picture of all the moving pieces and parts across your enterprise using people-driven crowdsourcing and third-party integrations for a truly multi-dimensional view of your organization. Then, turn that information into actionable data.


    With an associative map of your business objectives and enablers, you can see how different assets overlap, interact, or don’t. Forecast changes and challenges across portfolios and proactively identify, remediate, and minimize unforeseen roadblocks and risks. It’s not a change management system, but it does play a crucial role in helping to manage change by dramatically raising the level of shared awareness into inter-related responsibilities, lifecycles, impacts, objectives, and risks.


    A real-time blueprint of your business empowers you to answer questions about application and resource utilization, helping you communicate a clearer vision to motivate change, and delivers the clarity needed to measure the results of that change.


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