Changepoint helps c-suite align strategy with execution to boost business performance

SEATTLE – February 23, 2016 – Changepoint, a leading provider of solutions for project portfolio management (PPM), enterprise portfolio management (EPM) and professional services automation (PSA), today revealed new insights into the epidemic of misalignment between strategy and execution in corporate America. According to the Harvard Business Review, executional excellence is the number one challenge facing corporate leaders in the United States, ahead of innovation and growth.

Changepoint surveyed 200 qualified senior project managers and executives at a series of PMO-centered Gartner events. Highlights include:

  • The vast majority of executives (80%) have no real-time insights into how the organization’s projects are aligned with overall business strategy
  • More than three-fourths (76%) of project managers question if their execution is aligned to business objectives, with 17% confident it is not aligned at all
  • More than half (51%) of respondents still rely on spreadsheets to report on performance

Changepoint’s survey results corroborates the disconnect that is currently felt by executives and project managers alike between strategy and execution. The results reveal an underlying desire to change the status quo in the alignment of both these business-critical elements across the enterprise.

“In today’s economy, transparency into real-time business insights both from the top down and the bottom up is no longer a luxury—it is a requirement,” said Alan Shefveland, Director of Product Management—Strategy & Innovation at Changepoint. “Business leaders are increasingly relying on technologies like our EPM and PPM solutions to gain a complete view of how to implement their vision and transform their business execution.”

Changepoint is a game-changer for businesses striving to achieve executional excellence to drive a healthy bottom line. Today, more than 1,000 organizations worldwide rely on Changepoint’s PPM and EPM solutions to achieve real-time alignment of strategy, planning, and work management. Daptiv PPM by Changepoint empowers businesses to better execute against program and project initiatives with real-time visibility into project status, resource information, and more. With in-the-moment access to that information, decision makers can make more informed choices based upon their current environment—enabling them to quickly find out which projects are on track, which are costing the organization time and money, and which projects to initiate in the first place. barometerIT, Changepoint’s EPM solution, takes it a step further by empowering leaders with visibility into the enterprise portfolios that keep the business running. With the Changepoint solution, enterprises not only gain visibility over portfolios, but can also crowdsource to find out—qualitatively and quantitatively—which technologies, processes, and resources are aiding or hindering the overarching transformation initiatives that map to the bottom line.