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Enterprise Times: Changepoint Rises with Bright Future


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Changepoint announced new branding last year and it has now revealed what it has been working on for the last eighteen months. In a triple announcement, it has revealed a new product, SPM, and completely updated all others. For the last few years Changepoint has been seemingly dormant. Born out of Compuware and acquired by Marlin Equity in January 2014 it made two acquisitions to add to its Enterprise Services Automation solution. In 2014 it acquired Daptiv, a leader in the PPM space and in April 2015 it bought a start-up, BarometerIT, that became Changepoint Enterprise Architecture Management. Since then it has not made a significant announcement but has clearly been working hard.

It has now announced the launch of Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM). This is a major update to its services automation solution and a complete revision of its Analytics architecture. These are not minor updates and Changepoint has risen, if not from death like a Phoenix, but certainly with a major splash that might make a significant difference in some markets.

Enterprise Times spoke to Eric Bergman, VP of Product Management at Changepoint and Matt Scheuing , CEO Changepoint about the news.

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