Changepoint Extends Market-Leading Daptiv PPM Solution to Manage Agile Projects


New Task Board Capabilities Provide Simple, Visual Task Management; New Daptiv Connect for JIRA Integrates Agile Project Data

Seattle, WA June 5, 2017–Today, Changepoint announced Daptiv Task Boards and Daptiv Connect for JIRA, new capabilities that expand their customers’ ability to manage traditional and agile projects in tandem.

Daptiv Task Boards is a simple kanban-inspired method that enables project managers and team members to visually track task progress and project status in their Daptiv PPM workspace. Daptiv Connect for JIRA allows advanced agile project teams to execute work in JIRA Software while maintaining project transparency and portfolio-level insight from Daptiv PPM. Both Daptiv Task Boards and Daptiv Connect for JIRA are immediately available to Daptiv PPM customers.

Changepoint’s announcement comes as the way teams manage and govern work continues to evolve. In a recent Changepoint survey of more than 100 project managers and team members, 69 percent of respondents said they use multiple methods to manage projects–from traditional to agile.

“Our customers are constantly experimenting with how best to manage work whether it’s waterfall, Agile, Kanban or a combination of multiple methods to deliver the right balance of control and collaboration,” said Eric Bergman, vice president, product management at Changepoint. “They need tools that align their organization–from strategic planning and operational management to simple, visual task management.”

While Agile adoption is on the rise, systems and processes that support fast, continuous planning and delivery continue to lag. In a recent study, Business Agility: Is it Easy to Pivot, 75 percent of respondents identified over reliance on manual reporting and a lack of real-time insight into projects (41 percent) and resources (49 percent) as standing in the way of organizational agility.

“As Agile and DevOps become mainstream practices, PMO leaders need to beef up program and portfolio management skills to provide sufficient support1,” wrote Margo Visitacion, vice president and principal analyst, in a report from Forrester Research, a leading global research and advisory firm.

Daptiv Task Boards’ integration with Daptiv PPM’s portfolio management capabilities enables:

  • Increased Transparency and Communication: Daptiv Task Boards provides a simplified, interactive overview of project status and functionality that works how today’s teams do. With a simple ‘drag and drop’ motion, teams can add, edit and assign tasks and instantly prioritize and update task status.
  • Improved Productivity: Task Boards’ simple approach to project management allows teams to conduct daily stand-ups, discuss priorities and update progress live from within the board. Team members can work together to spot bottlenecks, troubleshoot to reduce risk and stay ahead of deadlines.
  • Work flow configurability: Daptiv Task Boards offers the flexibility required by today’s fast-moving organizations. Project managers can select from seven (7) pre-built industry standard workflows or design custom workflows to meet their team’s individual needs.
  • Integrated reporting & analytics: Unlike other lightweight tools, Task Boards provides simple task management alongside governance, visibility and reporting necessary for managing portfolios, programs and resources. Project and task status can be reported from within or alongside any Daptiv project.

Daptiv Connect for JIRA allows advanced agile project teams to execute work in JIRA Software and maintain portfolio-level governance and reporting best practices. As a result, teams can:

  • Manage agile project intake and approval: Daptiv PPM’s capacity planning, rule-driven project scoring and workflow automation capabilities gives portfolio managers the ability to conduct what-if analysis to reconcile resource allocation, availability and shortages. They can also create visual comparisons and multi-dimensional views to view traditional and agile projects in the context of broader programs and portfolios to prioritize high-impact projects.
  • Execute projects in JIRA: Project management organizations can automatically instantiate Daptiv PPM approved projects in JIRA Software and create bi-directional linkages to automate task and time data collection. This eliminates manual data entry and improves data accuracy by drawing directly from JIRA
  • Produce robust reports: With Daptiv Connect for JIRA, teams can produce robust project, task, story and issue reports for projects managers and key stake holders based on project level, task level, aggregate task level and issue level data from JIRA Software.

Daptiv Connect for JIRA is powered by Dell Boomi, the leading on-demand multi-tenant cloud integration platform. Boomi’s AtomSphere integration platform as a service (iPaaS) technology simplifies integration with Changepoint’s Daptiv PPM solution, reducing time-to-market and simplifying complex integrations. JIRA Software is a workflow management system used by agile software development teams.

Changepoint first introduced Daptiv Task Boards and Daptiv Connect for JIRA at Gartner’s Program & Portfolio Management Summit in Orlando. For more information on Daptiv Task Boards and Daptiv Connect for JIRA, visit the Daptiv PPM product page.


About Changepoint
Changepoint is a leading provider of project and portfolio management, enterprise architecture and professional services management applications. We help companies connect their strategic objectives with the execution of their business initiatives and technology projects. Our software applications enable organizations to think about their technology investments, shape the way those investments are made and do high-impact projects in a well-managed way. Our products include Daptiv PPM for resource and task intensive projects, Changepoint PSA for services and contract-based projects and barometerIT for IT portfolio modeling, analysis and insights. Enterprise and mid-size companies rely on Changepoint’s applications to improve execution of their business initiatives and technology projects. For more information, visit: www.changepoint.com.


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