Changepoint Expands Upon Subscription Professional Services Offerings

Changepoint Expands Upon Subscription Professional Services Offerings

The new subscription offerings include multiple types of services with various tiers depending on unique customer needs.

SEATTLE, June 4, 2020 – Changepoint, a leading provider of built-for-purpose enterprise portfolio management solutions, today announced newly enhanced subscription professional services aimed to maintain customer intimacy and ensure that its software customers are successful with their investments.

Changepoint first introduced subscription professional services in 2017 as part of a company-wide shift to subscription models across software and services solutions. The various services offerings introduced today are designed to support any customer’s needs across user engagement and adoption; on-going system and organizational consulting; data-driven decision making; software configuration and maintenance; or training and education. The complete set of Changepoint’s subscription professional services include:

  • Premier: includes the ongoing assistance needed to drive ongoing optimization and adoption of the Changepoint solution within their organization
  • Analytics Assurance: gives customers the built-in analytics assistance they need to improve organizational visibility and enable data-driven decision-making.
  • Administration Augmentation: provides hands-on configuration, monitoring and maintenance of a customer’s Changepoint Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software environment so they can spend less time administering their system and have more time to focus on their business
  • Education: grants flexible, unlimited, on-demand access to the Changepoint Learning Center system. All of the educational material in the Changepoint Learning Center is designed to help customers increase their Changepoint solution knowledge, increase employee efficiency and achieve greater business value.

“Subscription professional services enable our software customers to accurately budget to maintain reliable, on-going expert assistance with the software services they use,” explained Paul Yaros, Chief Customer Officer. “Regardless of the customers’ maturity with the software, we have subscriptions that provide on-going, hands-on assistance to ensure our customers are able to be successful.”

The software industry at large has been undergoing a shift from traditional licenses to subscription-based services for a number of years. While the trend began in software, Changepoint recognized early on the benefit of that model for professional services. The blend of subscriptions across software and services has enabled continuous synergy with customers not easily attained in a traditional license engagement.

“Success in offering enterprise software often comes down to how well you know your customer’s needs and how well you enable them to deliver solutions to their business,” Yaros further explained. “A powerful technology platform requires powerful engagement, and our subscription services offerings provide for that powerful engagement in a manageable and ongoing way. Through these subscriptions, we are able to maintain on-going dialogue and intimacy with our customers to symbiotically understand and help them solve their challenges, and ultimately deliver better business outcomes.

More information about the subscription services are available throughout Current customers that are interested in these services are encouraged to contact their customer success manager.

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