Tuesday, October 2

7:00-7:50  | Networking Breakfast

8:00-8:45 | CEO Welcome Address | Matt Scheuing, Changepoint Chief Executive Officer

9:00-9:45 | Looking forward: The future of Daptiv | Eric Bergman, Changepoint Vice President of Product Management

Want to hear about the exciting things coming up for Daptiv? Join the Daptiv product management team for insight into the market dynamics and understand how the product strategy and customer feedback inform the product roadmap. Provide feedback on our roadmap and learn how you can participate in shaping the future of Daptiv.

10:00-10:45 | What’s under the hood –  how the right set of tools can change everything  | Ronda Lee, Sr. Project Manager, Director of IC’s Project Management Office, Illuminating Concepts

All executives want reports and status updates. But how do you provide information in a way that will genuinely help run the business? Find out how Illuminating Concepts uses Daptiv and why their CFO keeps it open on her desktop all day, every day. From cash flow, to project status, to forecasting, and beyond, this company has all the data they need to make great decisions in real time. Don’t miss this session to take a look under the hood and find out how to create the visibility you need in your company.

10:00-10:45 | Daptiv’s Next Gen BI unveiled | Scott Shaffer, Changepoint

Effective portfolio planning and monitoring requires rich business intelligence and analytics. We’ll show you how to use Daptiv’s analytics capability to implement what-if portfolio planning. Learn best practices for portfolio dashboards and project/program tracking reports from Daptiv customer community. Plus you’ll get a sneak peek into the roadmap and what the next generation business intelligence and analytics platform will look like.

11:00-11:45 | Keynote Session – Mel Robbins, Motivational Speaker and Author

12:00-12:45 | Lunch

1:00-1:45 | The road to resource management – 8 lessons learned | Dave Dueland, Daptiv Administrator, ITA Group

Taking advantage of true resource management in your organization is a journey. The success of that journey depends on how well you’re prepared for it. Whether you’re implementing Daptiv for the first time or just getting ready to incorporate resource management, you’ll take away tricks of the trade from a company that has been there and done that. Learn best practices on topics from choosing resource types to effectively managing the change of a new system.

1:00-1:45 | Collaborating on the Daptiv roadmap | Eric Bergman, Changepoint Vice President of Product Management

Get your thinking cap on and get ready to collaborate on the future of Daptiv. In this active interactive session you’ll be asked to contribute your ideas to the roadmap. Max participants – 50, so get there early!

2:00-2:45 | Mind Mapping for Project Managers | Greg Cimmarrusti, King & Spalding

As a project manager (PM), you live in a world of charts (Gantt charts, process flows, organization charts, Kanban, etc.). Mind mapping is a great tool for PMs to create, maintain, coordinate and collaborate on projects, ideas, scope and reporting. In this presentation, you will see what mind mapping is and how to effectively use it for project management.

2:00-2:45 | Agile Integration for the Hybrid Portfolio | Chuck Mueller & David Blumhorst, Changepoint

Today’s IT PMO must adapt to new methods of getting project work done. Agile is becoming mainstream, while Waterfall projects aren’t going away. Your executive sponsors still want the same analytics, regardless of execution method. So how does a PMO put all this together? In this session we’ll look at how to use Daptiv Connect integrations to combine diverse execution into a single portfolio that will satisfy your sponsors. We will also explore other common integration use cases to help unlock the power of Daptiv Connect.

3:00-3:45 | Driving adoption through change | Jeff Manon & Kim Hershey, O-I

What do you do when your “simple” Daptiv roll-out to 80 employees in one location turns into a 600-person roll-out across the globe? O-I will share their experiences and lessons learned training diverse groups, growing adoption among diverse users and achieving executive engagement to make the implementation a success worldwide.

3:00-3:45 |  Work management – navigating the fusion of different methods of project management | Norvin Leach, Changepoint

These days many organizations are managing projects with a mixture of methods–Agile, waterfall and more. How does one organization make sense of all the data and bring it all together? We’ll share best practices in managing the chaos and some tools to help you do it.

4:00-4:45 | Changepoint customer services – your resource for product care/support, enablement/advice and success/growth | Paul Yaros, Changepoint Chief Customer Officer

What’s ahead for customer services at Changepoint? Hear about our transformation to make services more accessible and provide you with the support you need to drive transformative change with your Changepoint solution.

5:30 | Exclusive Evening – Museum of the American Revolution

Explore the ideas, events, and legacies of America’s revolutionary beginnings at this exclusive, interactive event at the Museum of the American Revolution. Tapas, beverages, and great networking included. Learn more about the Museum of the American Revolution >

Bonus: Receive PDU credits for participating in breakout sessions and workshops.

Wednesday, October 3

7:00-7:45 | Networking Breakfast

8:00-8:45 | Fireside Chat Panel Discussion | Marc Zanet, Changepoint 

9:00-9:45 | Traditional Corporate Planning and Agile: A case study of alignment and friction | Rick Koeller, Manager of the Project Management Office, CIRA

Facing a changing market, our organization intentionally changed strategy and embarked on product diversification to develop new sources of revenue. I will provide an overview of the various layers of corporate planning that we undertook, including multi-year strategic planning; annual fiscal and portfolio planning; and project planning, including iterative (Agile) and predictive (time, scope, resource) planning approaches. We’ll discuss the points and sources of alignment and friction between Agile, corporate and predicative planning requirements.

9:00-9:45 | Powerful PPM Solutions with Dynamic Apps and BI | Dave Blumhorst, Changepoint

Projects are not as alike as one might think. You have different types of projects and work within your organization…. Workspace types and dynamic applications can take your project tracking to the next level. Track more data, integrate more processes and solve more problems. But how? In this session we’ll share use cases and best practices so you can understand the different scenarios where workspace capabilities can make a difference and improve your project outcomes.

10:00-10:45 | The project and portfolio lifecycle – how the PMO brings value to the organization | Lindsey Bazan, IT/PMO Associate, Charter Manufacturing

The trick to a successful PMO is to constantly show and provide value to your organization. By utilizing Daptiv PPM, Charter Manufacturing has been able to introduce simple, repeatable and consistent processes in all areas of their project and portfolio lifecycle. Follow along with use-cases throughout the project management lifecycle from using the Requests app during conceptualizing to Lessons Learned at closing and governance of everything in between.

10:00-10:45 | Get the help you need with Daptiv Subscription Services | Nadine Leggett, Changepoint

From report building to product adoption and optimization, the life of a product admin can be overwhelming. Daptiv Subscription Services can help ease the load and allow you to get back to doing what you do best. Attend this session to learn more about what’s available and hear customer success stories.

11:00-11:45 | The hybrid PMO – how to deal with the challenges of incorporating both Waterfall and Agile methodology | Jon Verson PMP, CSM, Director Program Management Office (PMO), Wi-Tronix, LLC

Today’s organizations often face the challenge of too much information, coming from too many sources. But managing that information is business critical for ensuring project success and company profitability. Through the use of Daptiv Connect, Wi-Tronix has discovered the key to integrating data from multiple sources, saving immense amounts of time manually entering data. They also now have the flexibility to incorporate and report on one-off projects into their plans which improves their ability to price potential projects effectively.

11:00-11:45 | 3 ways to use resource & capacity planning for better decision making | Janice Caler, Changepoint

Setting up your intake mechanism and resource inventory the right way is just half the battle. Using the data to evaluate supply and demand objectively and then schedule your resources appropriately is the other half. Attend this session for details on set up and valuable use cases on how to leverage that critical information.

12:00-12:45 | Lunch

1:00-1:45 | Tackling digital disruption with barometerIT | Paul Cramer, Changepoint

Is your IT organization feeling the pain of digital transformation? Application rationalization, M&A, cloud migration, and ServiceNow proliferation can cause enormous amounts of organizational pain. Find out how barometerIT can help deliver transparency to help scope projects accurately, create roadmaps, and assess impacts to help accelerate your digital transformation initiatives.

1:00-1:45 | Discussing change management with Changepoint partners | Mike Spaccone, Changepoint

Join us for a panel discussion featuring those who work on the front lines of change. Our partners help companies navigate and implement major projects and have seen it all. Hear from them about best practices and tips and tricks to making your next big initiative a success.

2:00-2:45 | Us and them becomes we – Daptiv PPM and the Johnson Controls/Tyco merger | Nancy Freshcorn, Director ePMO Operations & Resource Management, Johnson Controls

Learn how Daptiv PPM was at the center of the ePMO Integration during the Johnson Controls and Tyco merger. What were the challenges faced by the two organizations as they evaluated their legacy PPM tools, integrated their PMO processes and triumphed through changes in leadership, processes and PPM Tools? Experience the journey covering the key challenges, lessons learned, customizations, process reengineering and training for a global deployment in a new corporate world.

2:00-2:45 | How to make the most of a Daptiv Value Assessment Service | Terrie Ginn, Bret Friedrich & Derrick Ellingson, Changepoint

Ever wonder if you’re taking full advantage of your Daptiv product? A Daptiv Value Assessment can help you ensure your business processes and Daptiv are aligned. With this service, a Daptiv Solution Architect conducts an objective assessment and provides recommendations and a plan of action. Attend this session to learn more and hear customer success stories.

3:00-3:45 | Integrating time tracking for a single source of truth | Alyssa Marland, Product and Portfolio Management Tools Configuration Manager, Radial

Time tracking seems simple enough. But when you need to combine time tracked by users using Agile methodology, in a system like Rally with time tracked by users using traditional waterfall methodology in Daptiv, it’s like trying to speak two languages at once. How do you understand the investment to deliver functionality or the cost of a Release? How about understanding your capitalizable labor? Radial will share their story about how they are integrating the two data sets and creating a single source of truth.

3:00-3:45 | Collaborating on the Daptiv roadmap | Eric Bergman, Changepoint Vice President of Product Management

Get your thinking cap on and get ready to collaborate on the future of Daptiv. In this active interactive session you’ll be asked to contribute your ideas to the Daptiv product roadmap. Max participants – 50, so get there early!

4:00-4:45 | Locknote | Matt Scheuing, Changepoint Chief Executive Officer

Reflections on two days of learning, growing and evolving as a community. Matt will share his key takeaways and set the stage for the final day of workshops.

Bonus: Receive PDU credits for participating in breakout sessions and workshops.

Thursday, October 4

Day three of EVOLUTIONS is all about hands-on education. These sessions feature progressive learning that builds from session-to-session focused on the topic of reports. From beginner to advanced, in each session you’ll walk away with new skills and by the end of the day, you’ll be a pro. Plus, you can receive PDU credits for participating in these sessions. Don’t miss this day!


7:00-7:45 | Networking Breakfast

8:00-9:30 | Change Management in action| Marc Zanet, Changepoint

Change is never easy, but it is manageable when approached with proper communication and organization. Learn how to effectively and efficiently communicate with Project Stakeholders and make any project a long-term success. You will walk away from this presentation with a better understanding of what drives a Stakeholder’s actions and decisions, and how to proactively handle expectations and working together.

10:00-11:00 | Understanding the Portfolio/Program status dashboard | Athena Pang, Changepoint

Is your reporting showing you the whole story? Learn how to increase your project visibility with the Portfolio/Program status dashboard. This report shows the roll-up status of the projects for a portfolio or program, and includes drill-through functionality to open a second report for detailed information. Participants in this session will learn how to utilize the Portfolio/Program status dashboard, including creating lists, charts, prompts, filters and more.

11:00-12:00 | Advanced time tracking with Allocation vs Actual by Resource Type reporting | Athena Pang, Changepoint

Ensuring your project stays on schedule can be a daunting task. By utilizing the Daptiv Allocation vs Actual by Response Type reporting capabilities, you will get the much needed view of monthly allocation hours vs actual hours used by resource type. This gives you and the stakeholders better insight into potential bottlenecks, and if hours re-allocations are needed. By the end of this session, you will have the skills to crosstab, join, add prompts, filters, direct links, and more.

12:00-12:45 | Lunch

1:00-2:00 | Become the project status master utilizing the Monthly Project Status Gantt Chart | Athena Pang, Changepoint

Managing multiple projects at one time can be overwhelming. By using the Daptiv Monthly Project Status Gantt chart, you will become master of your domain. This Gantt chart view gives you an at-a-glance view of all your projects, color coded based on project status. But there’s more – learn how to take your Gantt chart to the next level through crosstab, conditional formatting and advanced report building techniques.

2:00-3:00 | Gain better project visibility through the Project Manager Status Dashboard Active Report | Athena Pang, Changepoint

A project manager needs more than just the status of a project, but also the details of what is going on and where. By using the Project Manager Status Dashboard Active Report, you can see the current status of projects, along with access to a secondary details tab. When working with multiple teams across multiple projects, this report is key for success, and sanity. During this session, you will not only learn how to access the Project Manager Status Dashboard Active Report, but also how to create charts, lists, incorporate conditional formatting and utilize active reporting.

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