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You need extreme automation for the services engagement lifecycle…and Changepoint has it. Visit us at booth A October 15 – 17 to discuss how Changepoint  helps your organization better manage the customer lifecycle from project intake to resource allocation to time and expense to billing.

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Don’t miss this TSW speaking session: Your PS Orchestra doesn’t need strings — it needs ROPEs™

On Tuesday, October 16 at 3:40pm, Changepoint customer and partner, UHY Advisors, will present the following presentation to TSW attendees.

Like a world-class orchestra, Professional Services Organizations (PSOs) strive to always deliver a flawless performance and exceed customer expectations. Yet many companies find themselves with a lack of operational visibility and the agility to respond. How can you tell if your PSO is out of tune? Do you know when projects and financials are on track or if you have the right skills available at the right time? This session will explore how learning the ROPEs™– managing your organization’s Resources, Opportunities, Projects, and Engagements – is critical to making sure your PSO is working as one to contribute to visibility, profitability, and client satisfaction. Because, when all areas of a PSO work together, you achieve the ultimate standing ovation – happy customers.

More about our presenters:

Frank Fenello is the office Managing Director of UHY Advisors in Atlanta, GA. He leads a team of professionals who provide a wide range of management consulting services to clients nationwide. With more than 20 years’ experience leading and executing consulting engagements for both Fortune 100 and large private clients, he helps companies improve their back office, call center, shared service and finance operations. In addition, Frank has a wide-range of experience developing and enhancing project management methodologies for professional services organizations and implementing Professional Services Automation solutions. Frank is a Certified Public Accountant and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Stephen Lathrop is a Principal for UHY Advisors, which provides high-value business process optimization and consultative services to solve clients’ business, accounting, manufacturing, and finance objectives. Stephen leverages both his technical background as a licensed Professional Engineer and his strategic background as a licensed Project Management Professional to connect a client’s strategy to their successful operational execution. He serves clients nationwide as part of UHY’s Management & Technology Consulting group.

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Learn even more about Changepoint PSA at changepoint.com

Here are some of the “extreme” product capabilities that make Changepoint your end-to-end solution for managing contract-based, professional services engagements:

Changepoint Business Intelligence: Real-time visibility and transparency

With Changepoint Business Intelligence, robust reporting and analytics ensure organizational success. Rich Workspaces, Dashboards, and Reports are seamlessly integrated, with real-time access and visibility for better decision-making. Flexible data security provides the appropriate level of access per user. Choose from more than 200 templates.

Changepoint Intelligent Forms: Flexible process transformation for the optimal user experience

With Changepoint Intelligent Forms, you can gain greater organizational efficiency and governance, which enables a more consistent level of service delivery. Save time spent on manual processes. User-guided process intelligence improves information integrity, and time-to-value is increased with standard, out-of-the-box form templates.

Changepoint Mobility: Anytime, anywhere productivity

With Changepoint Mobility, you can attain higher user productivity and greater financial accuracy with anytime, anywhere access — even when you’re offline. Receive important notifications real time, on any device. Enable users to more frequently and completely report financial details. And see an increase in adoption with consistent, reliable experiences across iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices.

Changepoint Mobile app – for how you work!

Visit our booth and try Changepoint Mobile! This mobile application for Changepoint PSA enables professional services consultants to submit timesheets, expense data, and task updates on any device, anywhere, with or without a network connection. These mobile capabilities extend the power of Changepoint PSA, allowing professional services consultants to better manage engagements from any mobile device.

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