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Streamlining Channels Under One Name


We hope you have been enjoying the new experience, and how about that new logo? We have been transforming internally for several years, so It has been exciting for us to display that transformation with our new brand experience.

As part of our brand announcement a couple weeks ago, and as you probably noticed on the site, we are focusing on the problems we help you solve and updating our product names to be more descriptive and easier to find. To match the brand consistency of the website, we will also begin consolidating brand channels and properties under the Changepoint brand.

For instance, on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook we will only maintain the Changepoint profiles going forward. Any profiles that are Daptiv or barometerIT branded will either be discontinued or merged with main Changepoint accounts. If you are a follower of our social media profiles, please ensure you are following the official Changepoint profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to stay involved. Other accounts will be phased out over the next month and deactivated by the end of 2019.

You’ll also start seeing more consistent naming conventions of Changepoint solutions on third-party sites, such as review sites like Over the next weeks and months, product names such as Daptiv and barometerIT will be renamed to the appropriate Changepoint solution, as they are referred to on the website.

As we go through these changes (no pun intended) we will do our best to keep you aware of what is happening, and why, to avoid any confusion or concern. Come follow us on social if you haven’t already! Also, if you haven’t filled out a review of our solutions recently, head to Capterra or G2 to fill one out today. Word is, they might reward you for your time!