Changepoint Releases New Self-Service Analytics Dashboards!

Changepoint Releases New Self-Service Analytics Dashboards!

New Dashboards Empower Business Users to Analyze Critical Services Data on Their Own.

Using data to manage a services delivery business has brought about a host of new requirements and expectations. While business intelligence (BI) and analytics remain key for reporting overall business health, specifically when it comes to determining the best path forward, operating with speed and agility looks a lot different now than it did even a year ago.

What does this mean?

The era of data analysis residing strictly with analysts is antiquated. Today, business users need an efficient way to both access and analyze data at their own pace, on their own terms. Empowering line of business owners this way puts real-time insights at their fingertips, while freeing reporting teams to focus on more strategic tasks. In fact TSIA, the leading research and advisory firm designed to help technology companies strategically leverage services to drive profitability stated in a recent article, “Analytics teams often report spending "too much" time on getting and preparing data instead of analyzing it”, citing a Forbes piece from years back that mentioned “data scientists spend nearly 80% of their time collecting, cleaning, and organizing data.”

Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 10.19.32 AM

Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 10.19.32 AM

The pain is twofold. Think about it, you are a line of business owner. You must wait for the reporting team to compile a custom report. Then after waiting hours or even days, when you eventually get it, it immediately sparks new questions. Then you must go back to the team, again, for further adjustments. This creates additional expense and timeline. The line of business owner ends up waiting longer while the reporting, development or IT team is stuck reconfiguring reports. Neither foster agility; if today’s services business cannot access data required to adapt operations fast, revenue generation will lag.

Powered by IBM Cognos Analytics, Changepoint Releases New Self-Service Analytics Dashboards 

As the next step in its self-service analytics journey, Changepoint SA has released two new out-the-box BI and analytics dashboards. These dashboards put services practice leaders, delivery managers, project, and resource managers, as well as consultants in the data driver’s seat. They reduce unnecessary workload on reporting teams for custom reports with an intelligent solution specially designed for performing data analysis in self-service fashion.    

These new Time and Project Management dashboards, and feature:

  • On-demand, interactive visualizations that make data analysis intuitive
  • Explorations that automatically present users with deep data relationships and trends they may or may not have even considered
  • AI-assistant and Natural Language details that let users type questions, and get contextual answers  

Ensure Time Compliance with the New Time Management Dashboard

Fast, accurate time and expense tracking is what ensures billing cycles stay on track. If your team is missing time compliance expectations, it is critical to be aware immediately. It directly impacts invoicing and revenue which corresponds to the age-old saying, “time is money.”

In today’s competitive market a company cannot afford to chase consultants down to enter time. As captain of the services delivery ship, in this current economic environment, the profitability of the business depends on it. That is why time entry requires strict compliance; it ensures invoices get out the door as planned and reduces potential of deferring revenue into later periods.

Time Management-1Time Management-1Time Management-1

Time Management Doctored-1

The Time Management dashboard enables services organizations to accurately track where people are spending time by:

  • project (or portfolio of projects)
  • team
  • customer
  • region

The dashboard provides a holistic view of the entire organization’s billable effort. This way the services delivery managers can proactively address resources who are missing targets and putting overall delivery at risk. These managers are then empowered to optimize the notification and tracking process, and keep delivery tracking towards KPIs associated with:

  • missing hours
  • unsubmitted hours
  • hours awaiting approval

Want to know, in real-time, time compliance issues, and the impact they are having on your services operations? With the Time Management dashboard, you are provided those insights in a singular view. If hours are missing from a critical project, the visibility you need to act with urgency is right there, out-of-the box.

Ultimately, the objective is measuring time and expense – can you quickly assess how much of your team’s time is cost vs. billable? Do you know how it impacts project margin? When considering time and materials projects, can you immediately determine the run rate? With the Time Management dashboard from Changepoint SA, you can find these answers.    

The Project Management Dashboard

The services delivery process is very complex. There are so many things to track – budgets, change requests, revenue recognition, and costly risks and issues. There are payments associated with various project milestones, contract types and services agreements. So much information and data coming at you, with financial results on the line? That is very daunting.

Then, as services projects are added to the portfolio, complexity increases, and oversight gets more challenging. Services delivery managers are under immense pressure to capture all these data points accurately to gain the necessary alignment, agility, and adaptability for operating a profitable services business. 

With the new Project Management dashboard from Changepoint, services delivery managers can get an end-to-end view of all mission critical KPIs. The dashboard is comprised of visualizations that convey project, resource, and financial metrics as insights that services delivery managers can easily grasp and confidently act on to keep services delivery tracking to profitability. The dashboard corresponds to the standard TSIA deems most important regarding how services businesses should leverage BI and analytics platforms:

Making data-informed decisions can only happen if the consumers of the data can see and interact with a clear representation of the data.

                                            TSIA – Analytics Optimization: How are you Spending your Time?”

PM Dashboard with border

With the Project Management Dashboard, there are several tabs that clearly illustrate actionable insights essential for determining how project and resource management align to overall financial success including the:

  • Budget Summary – displays how well services projects are tracking based on variances between budget and actuals while providing real-time visibility into the overall impact on revenue commitments.
  • Risk and Issues – this visualization helps services delivery managers handle both unexpected disruptions yet to occur, as well as those that have already occurred; and track the financial impact to overall profitability of a project.
  • Change Requests – this tab covers off on all open change requests, and the impact they have on delivery operations across the entire project portfolio.
  • Time Analysis – this visualization covers off on time entry status across consultants, and the impact of that time from both a billable and non-billable perspective.

Comprehensive Business Intelligence

With a configurable management portal that consolidates critical services data and other core business systems, these new self-service analytics dashboards ensure executive level visibility into key business metrics. This empower business users with the ability to intuitively drill down in data that highlights not only where the business has been, but where it is heading.

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