Changepoint Services Automation Mobility Release

Changepoint Unveils New Mobility Enhancements!

Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 10.19.32 AMNew UX Enhancements to Changepoint Mobile Streamline Efficiencies for Services Organizations.

Time and expense tracking just got easier with the release of Changepoint's new mobile application. Its enhanced, intuitive interface makes it simple to access and manage critical time and expense management data – anytime, anywhere, whether users are online or offline.

Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 10.19.32 AM

Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 10.19.32 AM

The World is “On the Go” Now, More than Ever

stock-photo-young-female-designer-smiling-while-standing-in-an-office-after-a-boardroom-meeting-with-colleagues-1248242077Services organizations never did business “just in the office.” Given today’s economic climate, which many consider extremely disruptive due to the pandemic, service workers are away from the office even more, if not indefinitely. Forbes, in a recent article discussing the importance of application mobility for organizations during these times, took this idea further stating:

“Even before COVID-19, companies were becoming increasingly distributed enterprises. Remote work was becoming common, and even the office-based workforce was increasingly mobile — working from vehicles, at home and while traveling.”

I think it's safe to say remote work done, on the fly, is a regular part of the job.

Services Workers “On the Go”

For services organizations, working remotely touches a variety of roles. For example, it corresponds to consultants required to perform tasks like logging time and expense. It also applies to project managers who must approve and bill that work under strict time compliance standards. Both tasks are important. They underscore how effective the team is at accelerating billing, and subsequently, hastening cashflow around their services projects in ways that lead to a thriving services business.

These are just two examples. Though, there are many more. Regardless of the role, one thing is certain- the current era of remote work demands simple ways to complete services-oriented tasks via capabilities like:

  • Offline access, no connection needed
  • Push notifications that keep you connected with messages
  • Consistent experience across mobile devices and tablets
  • Multi-language localization 

Simple is the Name of the Game

Doing work in a simple fashion, away from the office, is basically what working “on-the-go” means. The goal is to make things fast and easy. When using a mobile device to perform services tasks like those described above, endless “scrolling and clicking” in the application will not cut it. Think about it. Consultants who are logging detailed time and expense data with their phones cannot afford to miss details. Money is on the line at that point and any discrepancy will cause the services project to bleed dollars. The more time spent between work completed and invoiced, the slower the cash comes in the door - which is where profitability is negatively impacted. Reversing that is what the new Changepoint mobile application is all about.

The New Changepoint Mobile

Changepoint’s new, enhanced user interface adds a level of simplicity for the mobile user, with intuitive treatments previously unavailable in Changepoint’s legacy application. It is a new, streamlined experience that consists of a tiled user interface that simplifies navigation while reducing the number of steps users need to take for not only time entry tasks, but others as well.

Earlier in the post, we covered how uncertain times we are living in have field consultants in a constant state of flux. There are so many unknowns about where they will do most of their work. Will the remote world morph into a new normal? Will they ever get back to a world where being onsite is a regular part of the job? They do not know. Nobody does. What is understood is that whether you’re in the office or onsite (in a safe, socially distant, manner of course), you need capabilities that are easy to grasp and allow you to perform tasks efficiently.

For example, say you are a field consultant working in a region where things are starting to open back up, and you decide to go out on location. Besides wearing a mask and keeping a safe distance, the services engagement involves implementing project management software for a client of yours. Sure, you could do it remotely. However, with safety standards loosening a bit, you want to take the opportunity to meet with your client’s IT administrator personally to walk him through how to use the new software.

Changepoint's enhanced mobile application's dynamic look and feel make accessing features faster and easier. So, once the consultant is done walking the IT administrator through the new project management software, he can quickly log and submit his time. That way he can get in and out quickly, log his time, and submit it for his project manager to approve just as fast. Also, the consultant can capture any receipt images tied to the work and send via Changepoint to the expense department for processing.

Mobility that Works the Way you Do

Available on both iPhone and Android devices, in respective app stores, this new mobile release from Changepoint SA is another step towards a reimagined user experience. Taken further, beyond its ability to serve as an engine for revenue growth and profitability, it is also a sign of the times. You might be a field consultant braving relaxed safety standards like the one described above. You could also be working from the kitchen table, couch, or kid’s school table even.

This applies if you are suddenly forced to work in offline environments too. For example, if you might need to capture time in expense data on a plane, subway (or train), secure work environment (i.e. certain government sites or other areas with no network reception.

No matter where you might be, the new Changepoint mobile apps. makes it easier than ever before to be more productive. You will improve organizational efficiency with a rich mobile experience that drives:

  • Efficient time tracking and approval that helps speed billing
  • Real-time app notifications to users for business-critical alerts
  • Greater productivity – including the ability to work offline – that keeps business moving

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