Changepoint SA Further Reimagines User Experience with UX Updates

Changepoint SA Further Reimagines User Experience with UX Updates

The latest UX updates to Changepoint SA 2020 add dynamic working areas and simplified navigation, interaction, and iconography.

Earlier this year, we published a blog post on the impact user experience has on successful services delivery. The post covered the “consumerization” of enterprise software, specifically how services consultants now require simplified user experiences when using services automation software. It helps make managing the ongoing alignment and assessment of people and tasks more seamless and intuitive.

That is why Changepoint is excited to share its continued dedication to reimagining its user experience with a refreshed look to both the Project Worksheet and Resource Planner. These enhancements bring a level of simplicity to Changepoint SA 2020, specially how consultants track day-to-day progress of their various service delivery projects.

Some highlights from these enhancements include:

Dynamic Working Areas

Dynamic working areas illustrate the most important information in a single snapshot. It helps services consultants easily identify, analyze, and orchestrate work as needed. For example, below in the Project Worksheet, you will notice certain components are grouped and labeled to support faster and clearer discovery in a few key areas:

Updated Project Worksheet Cropped

  • Gantt interactions are relocated to establish an impactful visual relationship within the Gantt chart section
  • Within each of the Task and Task Assignment sections, there is a dynamic action bar that helps users access the most important task-oriented information much easier
  • The new State column allows users to see the task row’s locked state, as well as allow the ability to unlock the row if needed

Simplified Navigation, Interaction, and Iconography

Speed to delivery is what keeps steady streams of services revenue healthy. Consultants in charge of mission-critical services projects need to manage them with as little friction as possible. In viewing the Resource Planner below, you will notice an improved and simplified navigation, interaction, and iconography that helps consultants go from Point A to B faster.

Resource Planner Updated Cropped

For example, when consultants execute various actions, actions performed less frequently now reside under a new More menu. This helps reduce distraction and keep consultants focused on the most important tasks at hand. Additional enhancements include:

  • New flat iconography that makes taking various actions more straightforward
  • An enhanced drop-down experience, including the ability to manage various “action settings” within the actual drop-down
  • Added Help text to data fields to drive better user interaction

Overall Visual Enhancements

The release of the Project Worksheet and Resource Planner are just the latest in a continuous series of usability enhancements that map directly to how services organizations of today operate.

We are far from done. Changepoint will continue to undergo innovative work within Changepoint SA 2020, refreshing its look and feel through enhanced iconography, more muted coloring, and balanced white space, just to name a few.

These new enhancements are available only on Changepoint SA 2020, the newest version of Changepoint SA that merges deep, rich services automation feature and functionality with a customizable, intuitive user interface. To learn more, request a demo of Changepoint SA 2020 and speak with an account representative. We will work closely to understand your needs and provide guidance that leads you to your most successful business outcome.

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Article by Scott Mitchell

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