Wherever you look, technology is transforming roles, businesses and entire industries. Many of you rely on Daptiv PPM to manage change in your organization and we’re dedicated to delivering solutions that keep pace with the demands of this transformation. Last year, we launched Daptiv TTM to bring you simple time and cost tracking and approval–anytime, anywhere, from any device. Today, we’re excited to share an updated Daptiv PPM user experience, designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind.

Regardless of how familiar you are with the nuances of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), we all know good design when we see it. Think about the last app you downloaded–then discarded. Chances are, poor design was the reason. A well-designed experience facilitates interaction with an app, technology or service while balancing functionality and visual elements. Well-planned, well-executed UX creates a system that’s not only operational but usable and adaptable to changing needs. Daptiv PPM’s improved visual design offers a more consistent user experience and highlights our focus on simplicity and purpose-built design.

Here’s what you’ll see next time you log into Daptiv PPM:

  • New Icons: Within the product, you’ll notice new icons with modern, flat graphics, which render best on the monitors and form factors we rely on–mobile and desktop. This means you’ll have the sharpest, clearest experience possible. Of course, you still have the ability to create or upload custom icons.
  • Colors and Consistency: Our color scheme is now consistent across all pages, including the Daptiv TTM mobile app. We’ve standardized and modernized table styles and font size as well. These small changes have a big impact on our pursuit of a more seamless experience.
  • Buttons: When work priorities change at any second, you don’t have time to search before acting. The process of planning and executing work should be consistent from page to page. This update makes finding go-to actions easier. Now, instead of searching for a needed action, primary activities rise to the forefront in standardized action-oriented buttons.

However, this explanation doesn’t do it justice. You’ve got to see it in the wild. Here are side-by-side before and after comparisons of the capacity planner page.

Blog Image_Daptiv Capacity Planner_Old UI          Blog Image_DaptivCapacity_NewUI

Whether you use Daptiv PPM for managing portfolios and projects or allocating resources and time and cost tracking, its updated user interface should enhance your experience and make getting the most from Daptiv easier and more enjoyable.

Ok, back to work on our next update which is coming soon! As always, let us know your thoughts on these and other updates. We’re always excited to hear what we can do to improve your experience with Daptiv PPM. If you have feedback, please share via our Daptiv community.