Integrated IT portfolio management (IIPA) solutions, by the sound of it, isn’t really designed to make you swoon. But IIPA is pretty essential for today’s business.

Why? It’s changing the game for how businesses gain insight into IT assets. With the right IIPA tool, enterprise architects are able to gain a comprehensive inventory across the organization. Having that information makes it simpler and easier to perform gap analysis, find redundancies, and strategize the IT roadmap. It’s helping businesses create the blueprint for what’s next.

That said, as business continues to evolve and change, there are some key things to keep in mind when it comes to IIPA and the enterprise architect:

  • Business is going to get more complex
  • You’ll never fix or control everything
  • Starting with current state will limit your ability to compete
  • Yesterday’s enterprise architect is gone

Find out how to map out a better business plan and what to keep in mind as organizations continue to transform.