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PMWorld360: How will PPM need to change in the next few years?


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You've likely heard the adage 'change is the one thing you can always count on,' and this especially rings true in the business world. Regardless of the industry, companies will continue to be affected by different changes due to global competition, new legislation, or other factors. These changes and the uncertainty surrounding them will make effective Project Portfolio Management (PPM) increasingly difficult in the years ahead.  

It is because of these uncertainties that the global demand for PPM is expected to grow by USD 1.6 billion by 2024. The good news is that when it comes to running your business, Project Management Offices (PMOs) are made up of an elite group of PPM professionals who are uniquely skilled at helping companies navigate the rough seas of change successfully. 

What changes are anticipated in the coming years?

We [PMWorld360] had a quick chat with six PPM experts to find out what changes they see on the horizon within their industries and the things they think PMOs will need to address to get ahead of each of the challenges. 

Top 6 things that will change in PPM 

These six things topped the list of PPM-based changes that your business is likely to see in the next year and beyond: 

  1. A shift from the traditional PMO to a centralized Enterprise PMO (EPMO).
  2. An increase in the adoption of Agile or Hybrid methodologies.
  3. An increase in digital transformation through technological advancement.
  4. Leveraging existing or identifying new internal and external talent to improve communication, collaboration, and build strategic relationships.
  5. The push towards true value realization and goal-based decision-making.
  6. The need for more seamless change management integration.

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