Projects rely on time, because time is money. Tracking the tasks that make up a project and the time it takes to complete them is what helps ensure the health and success of daptiv_TTM_mobileProductinitiatives across an organization. But time and task tracking is tedious, and often left to the last minute, decreasing accuracy. Not anymore…

Changepoint is excited to announce and demonstrate our latest Daptiv PPM feature, Daptiv TTM, this week at the Gartner PPM & IT Governance Summit in Orlando, Florida, and next week in London.

Daptiv TTM delivers effortless time and task management—on-the-go—for team members. It’s a device-agnostic, mobile-first application that makes it simple and easy to submit time and task data that seamlessly syncs to Daptiv PPM.

Daptiv TTM was designed with a modern, clean user interface and a focused set of features. It’s not about a complicated mobile tool. It’s about making a frequently used feature set more readily available and more inviting to use.

Daptiv TTM ensures fast, accurate reporting by accelerating frequent time and task entry—minimizing the risk of inaccurate or delayed data commonly associated with overdue or failed projects. As a result, project managers can make more informed decisions, better control costs, and meet contractual and regulatory labor obligations.

Daptiv TTM’s integration with Daptiv PPM’s solution capabilities enables project managers to accurately understand resource utilization, better understand where team members are spending their time, and more precisely predict the demand on each resource.

We’ll be demonstrating Daptiv TTM at both Gartner Summits, and it will be generally available to the public this fall. daptiv_ttm_laptopProduct

We’re excited to share Daptiv TTM with the market and help project teams be more successful.

To learn more, visit the Daptiv TTM web page.