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Welcoming Changepoint's New CEO, Matt Scheuing


A note from Jim Byrnes, Changepoint’s former CEO: 

The search is over; we’ve found our guy. I’m very excited to welcome Matt Scheuing to the team as the new CEO of Changepoint. I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Changepoint team and am happy to have participated in the search for the right person to take this company to the next level.

The search criteria was simple: we need someone that is driven with a track record of growing businesses, an innovative thinker that can rally the troops, and someone who can quickly get a firm grasp of the market we’re in and get our teams moving in the right direction.

The good news? Matt exceeds all of these qualifications. Plus, he’s got a great sense of humor.

With Matt at the helm, I see even greater wins for Changepoint in the very near future.matt-scheuing-headshot

News on our new fearless leader

As Chief Executive Officer, Matt Scheuing, will be responsible for overseeing Changepoint’s growth strategy in the marketplace—through both organic growth and acquisitions. Prior to joining Changepoint in August 2016, Matt was CEO of Tideland Signal, where he led high performance teams in the delivery of innovative aids to marine navigation products and services. He comes to the team with more than 25 years of multi-sector senior leadership expertise across the transportation, navigation, enterprise software, and telecommunications industries. His storied career includes a variety of roles from CEO to multiple board appointments at companies ranging from Fortune 100 to venture funded start-ups.

When asked “Why Changepoint?”, Matt replied,

“I’m excited about the potential for market leadership and growth in a high-value category—a category that matters and helps our customers run their business better and smarter. Changepoint has all the right table stakes for success: leading products that hit the mark, an experienced team, expanding market coverage, and strong investment backing to keep the momentum going.”

His leadership philosophy surrounds collaboration and alignment—he expects his teams to exude leadership and willingness to take the because that’s what drives strength and innovation. In his own words,

“I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Texas over the years, and they seem to encapsulate things nicely on bumper stickers, including the ‘lead, follow, or get the heck out of my way’ mantra which somehow resonated. Kidding aside, my leadership style is mostly quiet determination, i.e. driven to succeed but not much room or appetite for drama. Not to mention, I’m a firm believer that humor can often bridge difficult situations and how we react and recover from difficult situations is what matters most.”

We’re excited to have Matt as our new CEO and fearless leader. Not only is he driven and excited to take the wheel, he’s also a perfect fit for our company culture—one that values accountability, transparency, and fun. Welcome to the team, Matt! We’re excited to see what you’ve got up your sleeve and look forward to working with you!

Note: This article has been updated.