Types of Project Management Offices: If Your PMO Was A Car, It’d Be...

In the age of accelerated digital transformation, the type of PMO you are matters. 

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The Professional Services 6-pack: Six Core Strengthening Features of PSA Tools

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Turning Around a Failing PMO

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Doing More to Enable Our Customers' Success

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Can your PMO weather the elements?


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Macro trend: Microservices

Tech disruptors, such as Uber and Amazon, have placed huge pressure on businesses to innovate at an ever faster pace. To do so, organizations have had to rethink ... Read More

Keeping project resourcing on track: How to avoid derailment

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The Top 5 Reasons PMOs Fail


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Welcoming Changepoint's New CEO, Matt Scheuing

A note from Jim Byrnes, Changepoint’s former CEO: 

The search is over; we’ve found our guy. I’m very excited to ... Read More

Professional services: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Ok, David Bowie wasn’t talking about technology evolution and professional services in his hit song, “Changes.” BUT, there’s an undercurrent to the song’s lyrics that hits a little too close to ... Read More