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Program & Portfolio Management – A Complete Series for PMO Leaders

Take a 3-step approach to program and portfolio management (PPM) with our dedicated eBook, 2018 Program & Portfolio Management – A Complete Series for PMO Leaders, where each chapter is broken into sections vital to the PMO leader:

  • Portfolio planning
  • Project tracking
  • Portfolio monitoring

The information and insights found in each section can help you elevate you and your PMO to greatness within your business.

Portfolio Planning for PMO Leaders

Chapter 1: Portfolio Planning explores the most common portfolio planning challenges for today’s PMO leaders, plus provides practical-application, real-world solutions for those issues.

Chapter 1: Portfolio Planning will tell you how to:

  • Keep up with incessant, high-volume project requests
  • Avoid an unmanageable number of projects in the portfolio
  • Balance demand with resource capacity
  • Get the right projects funded

Project Tracking for PMO Leaders

Chapter 2: Project Tracking uncovers the most common project tracking challenges for today’s PMO leaders, and provides simple, actionable solutions that any PMO leader can implement easily.

Chapter 2: Project Tracking will also teach you how to:

  • Keep project teams, stakeholders, and your PMO on the same page with unified project workspaces
  • Avoid time-consuming and often inaccurate manual data reporting with flexible workspaces
  • Develop an end-to-end process for reporting on the project lifecycle
  • Track time and costs for multiple projects, keeping OpEx and CapEx on budget

Portfolio Monitoring for PMO Leaders

Chapter 3: Portfolio Monitoring discusses the most common portfolio monitoring challenges for today’s PMO leaders, and maps out practical, easy-to-follow steps for implementing solutions.

Chapter 3: Portfolio Monitoring will also help you:

  • Monitor and maintain portfolio health
  • Know all aspects of project, program, and portfolio health, while also managing overall business operations
  • Ensure that you’re continually investing in the right projects
  • Increase efficiency and remove obstacles between planning and delivery

2018 Program & Portfolio Management for PMO Leaders – Read the Complete Series

Knowing how to overcome each of the challenges is what elevates true PMO leaders–and their PMO within–the organization.

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