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Professional Services Automation & Changepoint Mobility

For services organizations mobility enables business success with anytime, anywhere access to enterprise applications. The mobile workforce that is empowered with simple solutions to capture and report on business critical data stays ahead of the competition. It is estimated that by 2015, the world's mobile worker population will reach 1.3 billion, representing 37.2% of the total workforce.1

More and more services, product management and IT professionals rely on mobile solutions to remain connected to their enterprise applications – where they want and when they want. Through the use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets users have on-demand access to the data, tasks, and approval rights for which they are responsible.

Mobile consultants who track expenses typically want immediate interaction to enter expense information when expenses are incurred. This means that finance departments are no longer waiting days or weeks for project financial data speeding up the order-to-cash cycle.

Advancing Our Mobility Strategy

The Changepoint 2012 user interface has been designed to provide a refreshing and streamlined look and feel, allowing users quick and intuitive access to the sections and data that they most regularly reference. Born out of extensive research and planning, the Changepoint 2012 user interface was designed using feedback from our customers and a comprehensive usability study. Watch the Changepoint 2012 demonstration to understand how a function-rich, enterprise software application can be user-friendly.

Who Uses the Changepoint Mobility PSA Software?


  • real-time visibility into portfolio and budget changes
  • view and track performance metrics with easy-access to dashboards
  • ability to interact for approvals and workflow participation

Service Desk

  • manage internal service requests across multiple departments
  • streamline desktop support services

Professional Services Field Staff

  • enter time and status updates
  • enter expenses, create expense reports, and attach receipts
  • participate in workflows

For the service leader, an important aspect of organizational success is the ability of the mobile user to provide key organizational, revenue, and cost-based information in a timely manner. Executives thrive on having data at their fingertips and typically are mobile in management meetings, visiting customers, and engaging with others in the executive community.

Tablets have become your office on-the-go, replacing the old-fashioned paper portfolios. Executives using Changepoint can access enterprise data via their tablet for reporting in the form of dashboards, portlets and portals, as well as access for approvals and the ability to participate in workflow. Changepoint users also have access to entity profile information when trying to quickly drill down from a report or portlet or when searching for a key piece of information.

Ease of Connectivity to Changepoint

Changepoint can be accessed through various web browsers using only one single set of configured sign-in credentials. The PSA mobile environment features a simple and intuitive user interface, highlighted by a convenient home page menu. Changepoint’s mobile client is implemented easily and requires no additional licensing for existing users.

Ease of Use

Changepoint's professional services automation software provides a consistent and intuitive experience for users, featuring menu tabs that allow for quick navigation between key areas in the application. Information is displayed in a format that is easy to navigate and is native to the browser on the device, making it simple to create, edit and submit data.


Changepoint's PSA mobile software allows users to enter expenses, attach receipts, and
create expense reports on the go with their smartphone.


A Framework for Customer Lifecycle Management

Changepoint's PSA software gives services organizations the necessary framework to gain insight into daily operations and drive efficiency across the entire enterprise. Changepoint’s mobile solution provides similar functionality, ensuring that remote resources are able to collect, approve and report on the information and responsibilities for which they are accountable.

Flexible Connectivity

More organizations are encouraging their services staff to utilize their own mobile devices at work. Changepoint’s mobile solution relies on the power of web browser technology to enable connectivity and does not require the installation of a native application. Changepoint users seeking mobile access can use multiple devices, including personal hardware, to remain connected to the data, tools, and processes they require to carry out their duties.

What Can Changepoint’s Mobile Solutions Do For You? Just Ask Our Customers!

“When we first heard that Changepoint was releasing a mobility client, we were very excited, as our Global Services Organization has been looking for this for a long time."

Keith Roberts, Senior Enterprise Systems Analyst, QAD

1.     According to the recent forecast from International Data Corporation (IDC)


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