Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Software

These days, leading IT executives are becoming more aware of the importance of bringing IT into line with business strategy. As IT accounts for an increasingly large percentage of business investment, new approaches are needed, the ‘black box’ approach is no longer adequate and this needs to be conveyed to the executive team.
Hear firsthand how Changepoint Project Portfolio Management software brings value to Experian and how it can bring value to your organisation.

If these business needs are to be addressed, IT executives need to work with their line-of-business peers and agree on the best use of available finite resources, both financial and human. There needs to be transparency and collaboration when decisions are being made.

Project portfolio management is an ideal tool for this process. It enables businesses to have an informed understanding of their environment and resources and in turn they can communicate this, and any subsequent decisions, to stakeholders.

Changepoint’s Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software offers a single solution over the full lifecycle of a project, ensuring visibility of your portfolio and giving your organisation control over applications, investments, products and projects.

IT Portfolio Management (ITPM) Solution Overview

Changepoint PPM software is an IT portfolio management solution that incorporates the full portfolio investment lifecycle. This the disciplines of Portfolio Planning, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Application Portfolio Management (APM) and the management of resources involved in all aspects of the portfolio. Essentially, Changepoint’s PPM software effectively combines the critical processes and data that are vital for effective IT management.

Changepoint's integrated IT portfolio management solution

Changepoint uses particular functionality metrics and a collaborative environment to target the distinct properties of the critical areas. This gives the user greater control, and more visibility, of the IT portfolio. Changepoint PPM software uses its integrated design to aid decision making by consolidating information.

Changepoint Accelerators for PPM can help your organisation obtain optimal value from your Changepoint investment. It enables you to develop an efficient, streamlined IT organisation that is available as an adaptable SaaS enterprise software solution.

Project Portfolio Management for:

Information Technology (IT)

Manage critical IT investments within a single, integrated platform:

Portfolio and Investment PlanningPortfolio ManagementProject Portfolio ManagementApplication Portfolio Management
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New Product Development

Launching the right product at the right time is crucial to a company’s bottom line. Achieve greater visibility and control of your new product development (NPD) process.

Transforming Ideas into Revenue Generating OpportunitiesRelease PlanningLearn more about Product Portfolio Management for New Product Development.
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Professional Services

When people are your product it’s vital that you know how to leverage not only them, but your processes and technology too.

  • Resource Management
  • Demand Management
  • Project and Budget Management
  • Financial Management
Changepoint’s Project Portfolio Management for Professional Services improves visibility into key portfolio lifecycle processes.

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Key Features

Changepoint’s PPM solution is designed to seamlessly integrate the critical processes and data needed for effective IT management. As no two IT organisations are exactly the same, Changepoint Project Portfolio Management can be adapted to your specific needs. Changepoint PPM allows you to deploy a solution to support your organisation’s unique reporting, business process and security needs. Changepoint’s PPM solution combines the crucial processes and facts that are vital for efficient IT management. Each IT organisation is unique, with its own particular requirements and Changepoint Project Portfolio Management can be tailored to yours, allowing you to provide a solution that supports and develops your organisation’s distinct business, process, reporting and security needs. Key features include:

Client Collaboration

An important part of any business is understanding the client’s perspective. Whether it’s knowing who the key contacts are within specific organisations, or evaluating client satisfaction that has been assimilated through client scorecards, this information is valuable for IT leaders who can feed back to line-of-business colleagues and formulate future objectives. Changepoint’s client collaboration tools include:

activity tracking and status updatesonline collaboration and discussion forumsclient self-service and request initiation through a client portalclient internal-activity historiesevaluation of client satisfaction across all interaction with IT.
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Time Tracking

Changepoint IT Project Portfolio Management allows IT managers to have an overview of time management and workflow. It enables them to track how time is spent either by request, individual projects, applications, resource or client. Changepoint helps IT managers track actual costs and cross-charge line-of-business clients with:  

time tracking against both project and non-project workcompliance measurement and reporting with automated remindersmulti-level configurable approval workflowoffline time reporting using a mobile device such as a smartphone.
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Performance Management

Changepoint can help maximise the overall performance of your IT team. Performance metrics enable you to target mentoring and training while providing accurate performance plans, as well as making it easier to provide recognition and rewards for employees who have performed particularly well. Changepoint helps to define, monitor and measure performance throughout the whole IT organisation in a way that enables employees to have an understanding of the performance metrics that influence their success within the organisation:

predefined metrics in key areas such as time submission, task status and approval complianceindividual and team-based employee performance results, visible through role-based portalsintegrated survey management capabilities to drive metrics that measure peer and client satisfaction.
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Knowledge Management

Changepoint’s knowledge management service allows you to process and store industry and customer related knowledge by creating a corporate learning community. A web-based client portal promotes line-of-business collaboration and enables feedback as well as making information sharing and request submission easier. Additional capabilities include:

document management with version controlsupport for rich data types and full-text searchestopic subscription and notificationsintegration with third-party knowledge and collaboration products.
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Workflow Management

Changepoint’s workflow management system simplifies the process of defining, automating and tracing workflows, freeing up resources and enabling you to define, implement, assign, execute and change workflows — delivering flexibility and repeatability to all IT work with:

a web-based graphical design tool for creating simple or complex workflowsvisibility into workflow for participantsnotifications for workflow participation sent to the portalpredefined workflow steps (such as approval, action or the issue of a survey) to build business process.
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Survey Management

Survey management utilises information gathered from subject matter experts which enables you to track and monitor client satisfaction. Whether it’s at a team, system or individual level of resource you can successfully assess employees and teams on their performance and give valuable feedback. Survey management from Changepoint PPM also allows you to:

gather qualitative information to support better decision makingprovide continuous feedback to employees on their performancetrack client satisfaction with applications, projects and services.
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