Professional Services Automation

There are some business questions that are as relevant today as they were in the past: What am I selling? Where am I selling? Who will buy my product/service? What’s the best way to reach my market? How do I delight my customers while remaining financially healthy?

While these are universal business challenges for any organization, professional services organizations differ in one unique characteristic – their product is their people and they need to leverage people, process and technology to grow and be successful.

Disparate Tools and Spreadsheets Not Working? Look to Professional Services Automation Software.

At what point do the disparate tools and spreadsheets your services organization uses become a business liability? While “the moment” may vary from one organization to another, the time to consider professional services automation (PSA) software as a business must-have is when your services organization needs to scale and has difficulty balancing typical key performance indicators such as driving revenue growth with increasing margins and improved customer satisfaction.

Here are some business indicators that signal the time to invest in professional services automation is now:
  • revenue growth in your services business with an expectation of sustaining that growth rate
  • changing market needs
    • Higher demand for services
    • Greater dependence on services for adoption and delivery of your product
    • Different types of services needed (higher value, based on repeatable methodology, etc.)
  • taking your business global
  • resource growth
    • Hiring, increased use of contractors, requirements for specialized skill sets
  • managing mergers and acquisitions
  • increasing strategic role of services within your business

The Power of PSA Software

Whether you are searching for Professional Services Automation (PSA), Services Resource Planning (SRP) or PPM for Services, the solution is still the same. Improving customer acquisition, service delivery, financial health and customer management are the cornerstone to robust PSA solutions. PSA software allows services organizations to:
  • increase revenue
  • drive strong margins
  • ensure high levels of customer satisfaction
  • increase market share
  • participate as a strategic member of the business.

Professional Services Automation

Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition – Opportunity & Resource Management

Changepoint PSA software provides services organizations with a structured process for analyzing, tracking and forecasting client opportunities and their requirements.

Optimize resource utilization and retain satisfied clients. Learn more about Changepoint’s resource management software.
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Services Delivery

Services Delivery

By combining resource management, project management and project portfolio management capabilities, Changepoint’s PSA software provides a standardized structure to ensure services projects stay on schedule, remain within budget and address customer needs.

More on services delivery.
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Financial Management

Professional Services Automation

Changepoint PSA software is integral to bringing financial control and visibility, improving your bottom line and maximizing profitability within your services organization.

Looking to improve the financial health of your organization? Learn more about Changepoint’s financial management functionality.
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Customer Management

Customer Management

Changepoint PSA software supports your entire client lifecycle from initial contact to on-going support, allowing you to assign and track internal and external resources, share knowledge across teams and capture customer feedback.

Learn how PSA can improve your customer lifecycle management.
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