I am a Resource Manager

How can I boost our billable utilization?

How do I replace manual process and spreadsheets with automated process?

How can I quickly identify the right resource, with the right skills in real time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, learn how Changepoint can help you plan, manage and deploy resources for maximum effectiveness.

As the leader of the Resource Management Office, I must deliver value to the business by efficiently and effectively managing the resource pool within our organization. Knowing the skills of my resources provides me the necessary detail that enables me to assign them to a project more accurately. Understanding resource commitments is paramount to ensuring the organization will deliver on time and on budget. Often times when projects fail, it can be directly related to a simple calculation of not having the right person with the right skills set in the right place at the right time.

I play a vital role in the management and allocation of key resources in my company. I need a single point of interaction for visibility into resource activity, to be able to affect change swiftly. With a unified view, I can ensure resource workloads are balanced. When there are changes to the distribution of work or the person doing the work, I need the ability to quickly evaluate, estimate, and execute the changes for the resource. This includes making the appropriate changes to the demand items to bring the workload back into balance.

Here are My Concerns:

  • I need to increase billable utilization by improving employee effectiveness. There are multiple forces affecting my companies operations from a resource perspective, employee attrition, changing workforce dynamics, greater distribution of my workforce and changing client demands
  • I need to reduce non-billable hours and address those resources which are a drain on margin
  • I am using multiple spreadsheets and disparate systems to analyze resource demands, which is time consuming and costly. I need a better way to manage resource scheduling, projected resources, opportunities and opportunity forecasts, request demand, project team and task assignments
  • The speed at which I am able to deploy resources to projects is very important to maintaining a healthy relationship with my customer
  • I want to increase billable hours per employee and reduce costs to maximize margin

Professional Service Organization’s need to hold onto the good talent that they already have and maximize the investment they make in them. At the same time it is likely that they will have to hire entirely new kinds of people, possibly business consultants and/or data scientists.

Excerpt: The State of Professional Services: 2013 Bo Di Muccio, PhD ©2013 TSIA

How Can Changepoint Help Me?

Changepoint’s market leading professional services automation (PSA) solution provides complete visibility into projects, investments, and resources for services organizations. Our resource management capabilities help organizations with growing, diverse resource pools, plan, manage and deploy resources for maximum effectiveness. Increased visibility, insight and anywhere access into business critical data using tablets and smartphones turns data into actionable, real-time information for rapid decision making. Our advanced business analytics and mobility solutions will enable you to drive more revenue, increase margins and substantially improve customer satisfaction.


  • Automated workflow to ensure your standard sales methodology is followed so that you can drive business processes and provide visibility at every stage of the pipeline
  • Interactive tools to evaluate different sales scenarios and assess financial and resource impact
  • Forecast resource requirements and estimate margins
  • Improve competition tracking and analysis


  • Changepoint provides a comprehensive view of resource forecasting and allows you to define and track contract details through engagement management giving you visibility into the entire services process, from marketing outreach to project delivery

Projects & Budgets

  • Executive dashboards to increase visibility into where resources are spending their time and to reduce non-billable hours
  • More accurate forecasting of resource utilization for increased customer satisfaction
  • Higher billable resource utilization per project with accurate timely information about availability and skills in the resource pool


  • Effectively manage services organizations with third-party CRM integration or Changepoint’s native CRM functionality
  • Increase billable time of available talented people on more projects
  • One solution to manage a multitude of details around projects, resources, finances and engagements
  • Access to more accurate and timely data for projects and resources to improve resource utilization
  • Standardized rules for revenue reporting to shorten the billing cycle

Meta IT a growing IT outsourcing firm with 1,500 employees, quickly came to appreciate Changepoint’s resource management capabilities.

One of our main objectives in deploying Changepoint was improved resource management. We are, after all, a business based on people, and we need to effectively manage that talent in all ways. If our team is not fully utilized, it directly impacts our profitability. We want to manage individual performance to identify skill gaps and transform people into top performers for our business. We also want to manage utilization — to know who’s working, who’s not and who’s wrapping up on a project so that we can redeploy them accordingly. Changepoint allows us to also maintain an inventory of specific skill sets. This is important as we often have individuals on our team serving in different roles on a variety of client projects, and this skills inventory and matching up of skills to project needs keeps everyone clear on their roles and their responsibilities.

Wesley Lacerda, Senior Vice President, MetaIT

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