White paper

The blueprint for what's next

As a practice, integrated IT portfolio analysis (IIPA) is not only paramount to the success of today’s businesses, it's helping enterprise architects design the business blueprint. 

NEW! Integrated IT Portfolio Analysis: The Blueprint for What's Next

In the “old days,” IT was the decision maker behind any big technology implementation or update. Today, not all IT assets require heavy lifting. The decision making has become a co-sharing effort between the business and IT. 

Technologies like integrated IT portfolio analysis (IIPA) are what’s making that possible. For enterprise architects that are responsible for strategizing IT roadmaps and project initiatives, IIPA is a must. With the right technology, business can get a three-dimensional look at assets across the organization—making it easier to find redundancies, perform gap analysis, and assess what's needed. 

Download the white paper, “Integrated IT Portfolio Analysis: The Blueprint for What's Next” to learn what it’s like to live in the now with IIPA. 

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